Saturday, December 8, 2007


We have 2 days off for Xmas , yes I know some of you are going to somewhere in holiday but some of us -like me- will be at home and I started to look how I can enjoy while sitting my pijamas. I can watch some movies or can visit some online games.

They have over 65 games for us to play... You just need to login ...
I cannot say that I am good at it but I can be professional in days by playing those fantastic games.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christian Dior -Midnight Poison

Christian Dior -Midnight Poison

"Midnight Poison, the perfume for a modern Cinderella"

New Fragrance from Dior ...
Everybody look forward new fragrance of Dior . No doubt it will be the number one on 2008

Top note : Bergamot, Mandarin Orange
Middle note : Rose Absolute, Patchouli
Base note : Amber, Ambrox, Bourbon Vanilla

‘Not a well-behaved floral bouquet, but a strong statement’. A fruity opening built around citrus. A heart of dark rose, strengthened with patchouli, and an oriental trail of amber, French vanilla and ambrox.

Davidoff - Silver Shadow Altitude

Silver Shadow Altitude
Eau De Toilette 100ml/3.4oz

A fresh, woody & spicy fragrance
Suitable for men with intense personality
Reveals casual elegance of his leisure moments
Delivers contrasting spicy & aquatic notes
Perfect for all occasions

I have lots of email about content of my blog.Man reader tell me that want to read something about for them. Yes they are right I am going to be more careful about that, and I will try to say something more for men. You will see..
This post is showing my word :))

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Need Fitness ??

YES ! I need fitness as soon as possible. You all know I am working 9 hours , sitting in front of my computer and blogging in my spare times :) so I do not have any time to go to a sport center. That's why I have started to search for some fitness equipment
Finally I found Peakbody Fitness Equipment Ltd while searching. They are UK's Largest Used Gym Equipment Supplier and was started in 1992 as a used exercise equipment company by people with great vision. Peakbody has six categories for fitness equipment

Commercial Fitness
Home Fitness
Free Weight
Supplements - Nutrition
Aerobic - Studio Equipment
Spare Parts & Repair
Active Kidz
Especially I interested in Home Fitness and the price of them are really nice . For example price of Home Treadmills £320.00.- and they have also Money Back Guarantee.Peakbody Fitness guarantees full satisfaction on all products on this site. If you are not fully satisfied you may return the item purchased to their warehouse for a full refund or credit

Toddler Coddler

Our children, the most important human being in the world so we are very responsible for their safety. Past days I saw my friend passing by the car wtih her husband and what I saw was shocked me, she was sitting on the front seat with her 1 year old baby it really shocked me and I asked her directly what kind of attitude is this, was that safe travelling with her baby on the front seat then the answer came "we don't have baby seat on our car" Toddler Coddler is the best company I've found on the net selling car seat head support pillow for whom bought a car seat for their babies must have this pillow indeed. Toddler Coddler seat pillow also supports upper body of the babies and available in all sizes So the babies sleep comfortably on your travels. God sake our babies. Some of the advantages;

  • 100% Hypoallergenic filling
  • Hand-closed and inspected
  • Pre-washed with fragrance- and dye-free detergent
  • Installs in less than one minute
  • Recommended for children 12 months and up
  • Makes a great gift for new parents
  • Great for Mom or Dad to use for a relaxing snooze, too while the other takes the wheel on that road trip adventure

Saturday, November 10, 2007

For a better care

When I become an older women I wil rule my own destiny, gonna be tired, will have some disabilities but this is not the end of the world. If I'd like to have an assistance with a good quality, worth for my money, a good customer service I better start to search for care homes for future me. A care home which can adjust my disabilities, able to take care to myself at my home. I'll need someone who can help for my shopping, my hygiene, take me to my bed etc. Seriously wel'll need that after years, so who will be with us at that moment, our children maybe, what if you'll become all alone in this cruel world... anyway aware of that kind of companies which I loved the best Better Caring. Think about all that fellas.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Shiseido - ZEN (ed. 2007)

"ZEN" (ed.2007) will be launched by Shiseido this fall .

Energy, meditation ,freedom, light- spiritedness … and Zen

When I heard , Shiseido will launch "Zen" new version, I immediately called my best friend's mother. Because I know she loves Zen creation really much! I never seen her by applying any other perfume except Zen. She always says that That perfume was created just for her :)) However her sister ( as she is my best friend) is insisting her to apply other perfumes, like Armani, J'adore ..etc. Yes mothers never cab say NO to her daughter and she bought some but I know her heart always belongs to ZEN ! . I called her to give that great news . But when I read some information about it I was disappointment for her because This perfume is very different from others. Zen is reborn in 2007 in a lovely cube-shaped bottle inspired by a Japanese tea house Especially Chinese Rose notes are very muscular in that perfume.
Everything is changing and also Perfumes are changing too .I hope she is going to love it again. If you I ask my opinion, it is better that other scents of Shiseido . Marine Amber, Frankincense, White Musk are my favorite notes which you can smell them in the ZEN.

Top note :Grapefruit, Bergamot, Peach, Pineapple, Blue Rose
Middle note :Gardenia ,Violet, Lilly Chinese Rose, Lotus, Red Apple, Freesia, Spices
Base note :Patchouli,Cedar,Marine Amber, White Musk, Frankincense, Incense and marine plant.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sound of T-Rex

I have just came across a wonderful web site. Brice
you all know my husband is a web designer and I have already known that kind of business is really hard. I want to thank to Brice Carrington for that special web design.
Anyway, who is Brice Carrington ? He is creator of fabulous sounds and has 20 year of experience , through the creation of Ultimate FX, which is contributes to feature films,video games, software and Ring Tones . He has really talent about sounds (I wish I have some ) Especially "T-Rex Eating " is the greatest work of him. I think It is not just sound, this kind of sounds need carefully manipulating each ones, Brice is capable creatively and technically of creating an interpretation of the T-Rex, like we heard in Jurassic Park ( I like Jurassic park by the way and I will watch again by listening sound of T-Rex :))
He also is the creator of the TV series More Than Entertainment-Fox family 1999-2003
What can I say ? I invite you all to visit his web site to see a wonderful design and listen to the same samples .

Fun and new Friends and Earn Money !

Earth Frisk is a Social Media and social bookmark and social network website, nobody will say to bloggers "antisocial" anymore.Because we have a Earth Frisk
This brand the newest place I found is perfect . You can find "Fun" "New Friend" and "Earn Money" , Yes ! Members have the chance to win up to $2000 in cash, you can see lots of different chances to win ,
Also you can meet new friends online as well. I always like to meet new friends so if you are like me that I am sure that you will love social network, you can chat to people anywhere and have lots of friends, share videos, articles or discuss things that matter to you.
Remember - contest , Cash Prizes And Some Friendly Competition!
First Price is 2000 USD and 6 months of Virtual Office Services. We can use 3 office addresses as our own, a full staff of people ( 5-7) with real names that we can say are our employees, a toll free (800) number, a group fax line and professional answering and messaging.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Estee Lauder - Private Collection


Tonight is a Estee Lauder's night :)) But when I read the story of this fabulous perfume I immediately wanted to write something This is not only represent the latest addition to the Lauder's fragrances, but carries with It a personal note as well; This is Aerin Lauder's own interpretation of the cherished scent her grandmother Estee loved and wore for years. “When my grandmother launched the first Private Collection fragrance in 1973, her idea was to give the world a special fragrance she had created originally just for herself and a few friends,” explains Aerin Lauder.
Tuberose Gardenia, with its notes of lilac ,neroli and jasmine, evokes the passion Aerin and her grand mother shared for the delicate floral fragrance.
Elegant gemstones decorate the containers and are inspired by heirloom jewels Estee Lauder passed down to her grand daughter. The clean yet sumptuous fragrance is the perfect way to usher in the warmth of the holiday season.

Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight

Life is sweet !
Estee Lauder introduces
Pleasures Delight

The irresistible New Fragrance for women

Treat yourself to something irresistible.
My best friend is adoring to Pleasures, yes sometimes she applies different scents but she never gives up to apply Pleasures . She has every kind of this beauty scent- Eau De Perfum ,Bath and Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body cream ,Shimmering. Happy news for her ..
Estée Lauder has created the latest addition to its award-winning fragrance pleasures. Treat yourself to a floral confection, blending notes of juicy pomegranate, whipped strawberry meringue and tempting caramel with a sprinkling of sugared rose petals, dewy freesia, white peony and fresh greens

Top Notes : Strawberry ,Pomegranate, Green Notes, Dewy Freesia
Middle note: Heliotrope, Peony, Lily, Muguet
Base note : Rose, Caramel, Vanilla,Patchouli ,Marshmallow

Image from: Estee Lauder offical web site

Healty Products

I always talk about products of cosmetics or perfumes, sometimes products for make up. About about helty products ? what about hemorrhoid treatment ? There is one importand thing is generally ladies are embarassed about them.They don't go to doctor, talk to anybody or something like that.Because of that they are appliying very usefull products.They are buying everthing trying to get rid of them. Now I just come across web site. There are 3 products for hemorrhoids

Venapro :works fast to relieve the pain associated with hemorrhoids and cure hemorrhoids symptoms by shrinking and healing the inflamed tissue.

Ziro : anti-inflammatory formula works quickly to relieve the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids while simultaneously improving venous circulation.

Avatrol : proprietary formula increases blood flow which helps ease the swelling of your hemorrhoids until they no longer causing pain and discomfort.

They have a 30 day money back guarantee

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Calvin Klein - MAN

New Fragrance for m Calvin Klein MAN!

Designer will launch a new stand-alone masculine fragrance this fall called Man - masculine and Iconic and minimalistic and sophisticated and Sexy.

MAN totally says Klein’s cutting edge sophisticated ans sexy style

when you open the battle you can immediately smell Bergamot ,Rosemary, Mandarin
Middle notes are : Bay, Nutmeg, Incense, Spearmint
Base notes are sandalwood (I love sandalwood ), Amber ( I also love Amber) , Musk ( I absolutely love musk)
It meas ladies and gentleman, I really love th new scent of Klein !!

Also battle has a very modern design A minimalist thin, bottle with black glossy inlaid plaques.

Image from : Calvin Klein web site

For Your Eyes Only

Roberto Cavalli limited-edition sunglasses,

I know I know winter is on the way but please look at it , is it wonderful, I especially liked the frame of this sun glasses.Cool. It is $640 and you can find only Cavalli's store.

Everybody knows that Cavalli will be launching a collection for H & M on 8Th November but please ladies don't go thinking this has changed its lights.He's still the king of stars . Cavalli has come up with these limited-edition sunglasses, ultra-glam, featuring oversize, amber lenses and a gold mesh-trimmed frame that turns into the house's signature snake as it curves to your left cheek.
My last words are : Thank you Roberto Cavalli for this awesome jewellery !

Anniversary Gift to my Mum and Dad

I was just decided to write about the beauty of our home then I've found a web site gave me good ideas about that. The more important thing is my family's 40th anniversary is on the way, no more thinking about what to buy to my mom and dad . I have very nice pictures of them taken when they were young black and white photos, wedding photos.Photo Blanket will turn their picture into fantastic photo blankets and pillows, I am sure that it will be very unique present for them. Please don't say "Our love is enough for our families" sometimes Personalized Birthday Gifts would be good to show how we love them...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Annoucement ! Chinese Restaurants

Dear Lord,

Thank you for creating Internet, thank you for saving us not to find Chinese restaurant all around. Thank you to give me that chance to write about Chinese Restaurants . Amin
Your happy child.Angie

Dear Mom,

I know you are a tech freak but also you like to eat Chinese, all day and night you are calling me to order Chinese for you . Now I am sending a web address and please use that address to find all Chinese restaurants in Holland : . And please mom give this link to all your friends, I am really busy !!
Your busy daughter ,Angie

Dear Honey ,

I hope you travel was OK. You must be too tired and hungry. I am a very good wife so I will send you all Chines restaurant address in US : Please find one and order what you want.
Your lovely wife,Angie

Monday, October 29, 2007

Loan Loan Loan

Here is another loaning company hehe, money money money ( a reason to divorce , as long as my husband learns my research).Bad credit loads there are different choices there, I don't know what to do but I have to choose one...Interesting , it says bad credit OK, thank got I'm not in a bad situation. God there is one offer says $20.000 to loan, donnu it's easy to loan some money from this company I need to decide and I will write my decision here...

Everyday Payday

Ladies great news, here is the the way to use cash advance for shopping. Those days I needed some money, I had to buy the new fragrance of Gucci plus eye glasses of DKNY, I was hopeless because we ran out of money for this month, there were not much time left to catch the big sale on a website I've found and I really need those babies. I've found a way to do this and strongly recommend you to use the system of This gıys are loaning you some moey from the net up to $1500 (I don't need that much, $350 is enough just for 10 days). The only thing is they have requirements to loan money from their system which are;

* Being Employed for at least 3 consecutive months.
* Earning at least $1,000 per month in income.
* Having a valid checking account open for at least 3 months.

It seems online pay loan is better then offline, it is faster, you can fill the forms from your home, you don't have to wait in line for hours. I will apply tonight.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

The winter is on way However the scene was hotter than ever...literally. But the blazing temperatures merely added fuel to the fire as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim showcased some of the world's sexiest swim wear designers and their 2008 collections. The five-day event attracted stars Kim Kardashian, Ricky Martin, the cast of Miami Ink, Enrique Iglesias, Julio Iglesias jr., the Hogan family, Ana Kournikova, Serena and Venus Williams and many more. Pictured are designers Red Carter and Badgley Mischka, who absolutely killed as their models strutted the catwalks at the glamorous Raleigh Hotel in South Beach.

Badgley Mischka debuted their inaugural swimwear collection, reminiscent of the styles for their most fabulous looks found on the runways of New York. Celebrities in attendance to support the launch included Tyson Bcckford, Chudncy Ross and Kim Kardashian.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Smooth, Firm, Youthful Contors Return.

We all know Lancome is a great company about skincare, but these days Lancome is relly doing great jobs.I have mention before Lancome's eye care before, now this time I want to say something about Renergie of Lancome new product.
This is Superior Lifting Cream SPF 15 Sunscreen BEYOND LIFTING…REPOSITIONING.Companies always inspire by everything in techniques, in nature, this time Lancome inspired by latest lifting techniques,Lancôme invents a non-surgical face lift with R.A.R.E. technology - re-bundling and repositioning effect.
We can see all effects after 4 weeks later:firmed cheeks,tightened jawline ,lifted brows.Face looks year younger :)) Yeah I like that !!
A Note from Lancome : On average, women ages 40-55 have over 25,000 micro points on the face. Lancome Rénergie Microlift R.A.R.E.™ targets these points to tighten, lift and firm skin.

Image and information from : Lancome ofical website

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Love Chocolate

I have told you before.. I love chocolate but this time as a mask ! Yes you heard me this time we will preaper a mask for our face. This mask served as moisturizer and leaves your skin soft like a baby.I recommended this maskespecially for dry skin.

¼ cup honey
1/3 cup cocoa powder
3 tbsp. heavy cream
2 tsp. cottage cheese
3 tsp. oatmeal

Mix all ingredients together (a bullet blender is ideal) and smooth onto face. Relax for ten 10 minutes, then wash off with warm water.

Image source : Italian food lovers - Academiabarilla

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ecommerce Store

As I mention before there is a very good Shopping Cart Software in Ashop Commerce .At last my brother have to buy a store from them . I insisted him open a store in the Internet world. He has some doubt about owner an online store .Because he has no idea about HTML or some coding . But I know that you do not need any knowledge bu using Ashop Commerce .
Anyway he is selling some chairs from home and garden now to the WORLD. He is really happy when he sees the order. He gets email when a chair sold out :) really!
If you still has some doubts about opening online store, please try Ashop 10 day trial account. You will see how easy to use and I want to say one more thing they have very nice customer service and Live help 7/24 Monday for Friday


Friday, October 19, 2007

Guerlain - L'instant Magic

The New Fragrance from Guerlain ..

Winter time ladies . Lets remove Summer perfumes .
I am sure this winter , you will be surprise which perfume is the best for you. Perfumes are too arty this winter. Especially I want to say something L'instant Magic from Guerlian . L’Instant Magic is a light and gentle scent, L’Instant is a voluptuous floral
Top note : Bergamot
Middle note : Fressia Rose,
Base note : Sandalwood, White Musks, Cedar, Almon
I always like Sandalwood and White Musk while choosing a perfume for winter. I strongly suggest you to try L'instant Magic new Franrange of Guerlian.

Dom Perignon - Eva Harzigova

And also when I watched this commercial video of Don Perignon , I really liked it .
Eva Herzigova and Brad Kroenig are wonderful in this video. Lets watch ! Some notes about this movie :
When Karl Lagerfeld shot the latest Dom Perignon Rosé ads, he brought in Swedish music film director Johan Renck to shoot a short film at the same time. It's an ultra-contemporary fairy tale about the irresistible attraction of a man and a woman - solitary seductive hedonists in a world of luxury, whose paths cross at one of Paris' finest hotels. The woman is played by Eva Herzigova and the man is Brad Kroenig, one of today’s most sought-after male models. Renck has worked in the past with Madonna, The Libertines and Kylie Minogue.

Dom Perignon Rose

I read very interesting news today in voque and immediately I want to share with your girls .
Do you know who created the perch skin guitar case this will be the jewel in the crown for Harrods this Christmas ? .. :) This is Karl Lagerfeld !!

TRUST Karl Lagerfeld to have created the most expensive item in Harrods' Christmas offering: a made-to-order guitar case for Dom Perignon. Fashioned from softest perch skin and lined with lambskin, the case holds six bottles of rare Dom Perignon Rose Vintages and three Champagne glasses. As if that wasn't indulgent enough, every person who purchases one will receive a private Champagne tasting session with a member of the Dom Perignon winemaking team - either in their home, or at the brand's headquarters in France. Think the design looks familiar? You're right; the case features in the short film Lagerfeld shot for the Champagne label, starring Eva Herzigova. Even if the £70,000 price tag is a little over your budget, the design will definitely be worth checking out when it goes on display – in a glass case, naturally – in Harrods' Room of Luxury on November 1.

Images and news from Vogue magazine .

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Portable DVD Player

At last my portable DVD player arrived , I couldn't stand till I have it in my hands. This small 10" beauty is going to share lots of my entertaining times. I've started with buying a 10 inch digital frame from Digital Framez website and it was fantastic, I've placed it in my dining room and watching the pictures changing by. I entered their site 10 days ago and what I saw was a portable dvd player with a very low price. For a long time I've been searching for an mp3,divx,dvd player and I wanted it to be a portable one. The size is great, I can take it with me anywhere. I recoomend you to have one of this cool devices.
And A big note : This portable DVD player includes a rechargeable battery pack enabling 4 hours continuous play time. You can also plug it directly to your cigarette lighter for in car use.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Kenzo Amour

A Wonderful Fragrance from Kenzo again...

I applied Kenzo when I was eighteen and twenties and stil I am appliying Kenzo again. I wonder when I will be give up from Kenzo .
I think this one is amazing actually I like the idea use different bottel for same perfume ! White, Orange or Purple bottles..
Kenzo Amour is a gentle, sensual and cheerful perfume. . The perfume's waves of wood (Tanaka) rice, cherry blossom and frankincense tell a tale of ‘lovely places vibrating with color and fragrance.’

Top note : Blossom ,Frangipani
Middle note : Frankincense,Cherry Blossom, White Tea,
Base note : Vanilla , Thanaka Wood, Rice.
I strongly suggest that try Kenzo Amour once, I believe you will fall in Love !!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Copper meets jewel

As a jewel addicted woman I can never pass without checking websites about jewelries. Here I found some other jewelry related website and a lovely product in it. I have just jum onto this and bought this one for myself and one other to my husband ( I can't stand). The fantastic side of this purchase is they have a very special discount and very fast and free shipping for US. Then I create a list of "What is next to buy?" the next step is vintage jewelries you have to see them to beleive them then fight with the husband, after this purchase I will pass to antique jewelries and another fight with the husband. This fight are never going to have an end :) nevermind going to buy more and more because he loves me haha. Anyways, the list of other choices are here,

- Copper Cuff Far Fetched Bracelet
- Leather Jewelry
- Gemstones etc.

Enjoy your shopping from online far fetched jewelry store

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Beautiful Software

I bought some skin care products from They have a very nice web site and an
online store. If you want to buy something you can easily find them on the internet and you can buy it . I always wonder what kind of software running at the background. And If I have a store how I can understand which one is suitable for me .Yes maybe we may not know some technical language but we can see which one has the best customer care in that area, right? Many company don't want to talk to a customer after purchasing, but there is a company which is selling shopping cart software have a really fast customer service. They have 24 hours live chat, if you send an e-mail to them about anything, they answer it so fast.And their software is affordable, easy to use. Even I can design my store by myself ..If you need an online store , I strongly suggest you to check Ashop Commerce web site, try 10 days free trial account.And please tell me your opinion

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

House Make up

I always talk about Beauty for our face or body. And now time to talk about the beauty of our house. Yes we already knew that our house is important as much as our body. There is lots of ways for making better place to live .However theses things are not cheap, need to be really specialist, depth of knowledge and experience about the subject. But how can you trust a company ? What if they are not good enough for you ? What if they are not proffessional in their sector?

That’s why I want to talk about Anglian Home Improvements . They were established since 1966 !! they are the best about PVC Windows, Conservatory, Rooftrim ,Driveways, Kitchen and Garage Door and Conversions. If you are looking for guarantee ,they give you 10 (!) year guarantee, if you are looking for custom care , you’ve come to the right place . If you are wondering how much does it cost, you can call them directly, get in touch via Instant Chat, or fill in and send one of their detailed online enquiry forms.
It is that easy.

For more Information please visit :

Mascara - Masterpiece Max

New Mascara from Max Factor .. It is the next generation of mascara.
While I was searching mascara for my self - I was bored my Loreal one and I wanted to try something new- I found Masterpiece Max .
And surprisely I really enjoyed when I entered their web site. And some notes for you about this wonderful mascara ...

Finding a high impact voluming mascara that doesn’t leave your lashes looking clumpy and clogged can be a challenge.
It delivers bold, thick lashes with up to 400% volume* but defines and smoothies at the same time for a surprisingly, sleek effect. One swipe of its high tech IFX brush gives a chic, catwalk finish in seconds – no wonder its was the official mascara of
Milan Fashion Week! For beautifully framed eyes check out Masterpiece Mascara, also available as Waterproof.
Image from : web site of Max Factor


The elegant sparkle of amethyst

The new Eau De Toilette For Women .....

Following Crystalline in 2005 ; Amethyste is the third scent in the trilogy of Omnia ,
A fresh and enveloping perfume that will appeal to gracefully sexy young women.It has classic Bulgarian rose and sunny woods.
Notes are : Grapefruit, Green Sap, Iris ( Bvlgari likes Iris ! ) Bulgarian Rose and also Solar Wood and Heliotrope for the base note !
And for the bottle :Omnia jewel bottle, indigo and delicate wisteria with shades of deep purple .

Deep note: You can also have Bath & Shower and Body Lotion of Omnia Amethyste.

Image from : Bulgari web Site

Monday, September 3, 2007

Narciso Rodriguez -

"It is for all women.It is a gift.It is something very personal of mine that I would love to give to women"
Narciso Rodriguez

Yes ... Narciso Rodriguez - born in New Jersey of Cuban American parents - told us about that perfume by himself.
Believe me I couldn't understand this perfume. Is it bad or good ? Is it for me or not ? Is it useful or not ? It is too complicated for me . After I tried lots of sample I have still doubts about it.
After these feeling I have decided it is UNIQUE perfume ! Yes it is absolutely unique. Because I think it changes according to your spirit ( mood) If you are good mood , it smells like a rose garden or if you are tired it smells amber ...etc
what else ?? seduction sensuality, sophistication, and also an intoxicating ,intimate, new harmony...
If you want to know more... go to Narciso Rodriguez web site

Image from : Narciso Rodriguez official web site

Thursday, August 23, 2007

La Prairie - Caviar skincare

One Drop.One minute.One Fabulous Firm Face

I want to tell something abot these gorgeous collections of La Prairie. Well actually I have never apply La Prairie products before , because I am a fan of Sisley :) But I think La Prairie's last collection is perfect.This is the lastest luxury in skincare, they produced extract of caviar and see proteins.You can see the results immediately.
And they are :
Skin Caviar Luxe Cream: Ultimate Firming Cream -The Ultimate Firming And Lifting Cream
Intensive Ampoule Treatment: Swiss Rescue Therapy
Extrait Of Skin Caviar Firming Complex :Instant Mini Lift and Firming Treatment
Essence Of Skin Caviar Eye Complex :Instant Firming Eye Energizer
Luxe Body Cream :Ultimate Firming Luxury for the Body
Luxe Body Emulsion : Sensual Body Extravagence.
Firming Mask : Two Phase Instant Firming Mask
**Skin Caviar : The Original Encapsulated Caviar Beads **
This is my favorite - (you will see how different it is in the picture)

    Firms and retexturizes skin instantly
  • Penetrates easily without residue
  • Provides smoother, silkier touch
  • Allows makeup glides on faster, looks better & wears longer (via Strawberrynet)
I want to say lots of things and put more pictures about that Caviar collection but I think you should visit their official web site.

Image source : La Prairie

Monday, August 20, 2007


SHOPAHOLIC & BABY From Sophie Kinsella

The New York Times Bestseller !

I know this blog about cosmetics and perfumes but I just want to write something about my favorite writer. Last summer I found a book near the pool- Undomestic Godness- , somebody was read and left there. This was a traditinal of that hotel. So everybody could read many books . Anyway I took and start to read it in the morning probably 10:00 am. I didnt know anything about writer or her books but at that morning I admired and the same day I finished to read it.

Next day I bought famous books of Sophie Kinsella :The secret Dream world of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan What hilarious books this was !! They were the funniest book I have ever read :) I laughed out loud in some places and found myself shaking my head in other places. Then my husband gave me her new book - Can you keep me a secret ? - as a Christmas gift :) ( I love him) It was a romantic comedy :) and I really really liked it.
Anyway now I have her newest book - Shopaholic and baby. I have not started to read yet :( Because I have to read something serious :( And I said to myself "after finishing to read boring books, I will read Kinsella 's new book. Go on .. go on ..."

I recommend to everybody to read these books if you are looking some fun. Just one point I want to tell you ; while reading Sophie Kinsella 's books, be careful where you are ! because immediatelly you can laugh very noisy .

Have a nice reading .

Image from : Amazon

Saturday, August 18, 2007

from Calvin Klein .....

CKIN2U Eau De Toilette Spray
2 new fragrances-- one for him one for her from Calvin Klein

CKIN2U was launched in 2007 aimed at the new techologically savvy generation always on, texting and connected. cKin2U has fragrances for both men and women

CK IN2U Her includes notes of white cactus,currant leaves ,pink grapefruit, bergamot, currant leaves, vanilla souffle ,orchid accord, neon amber, and red cedar. It is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette and in Body Milk and Shower Gel..
-- It is not strong or long lasting but in the summer days it can wear--

CK IN2U Him has notes of pomelo leaves, Cacao bean, shiso leaves, frosted tangelo white cedar and musk, citron vert "Gin Fizz", Jamaican pepper and "ultra-vetiver". It is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette and After Shave Gel. --It is easy to wear and sexy. It is suitable for day and evening wear.--

Image from : whatareyouin2

Friday, August 17, 2007

...About the time and beyond

Accessories are eveything in our lives .
Cosmetics or Perfumes are not enough to reflect ourselves clearly. We have to choose right accessories and they should not be imitation.. If we apply Bvlgari perfume or carry a Prada handbag we also should be aware of what we put on us for Sunglasses or watch .
You may smell very attractive , your skin may be shiny but if you wear some unidentified watches You are nothing. Yes! What about Esprit or Seiko watch or very elegant Prada or Bvlgari sunglasses. Do not tell me they are too expensive, I have already known that you spend the same amount of money for a perfume of Channel :)Especially I found of a company which sells both Sunglasses and watches. You can order them easily from there. I liked Nixon Watches definetly and also their prices less than a price of night cream :)
They have international shipping options so wherever you live never worry . They send you their products via airmail to everywhere.
OK enough chit chat, for whom wants to buy watches lets go to Redbird company and coose one of them for us ladies... ( and gentlemen)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Giorgio Armani

Everybody knows "Aqua di Gio" from Giorgio Armani. It is a classic. Normally I like this perfume but I post this commercial just because THE "Model of Armani" !!. How could they find this Handsome Guy ? every time watch that commercial I admire admire admire ...
Thank you Giorgio ....
And the song is called "Textuell" by Oval on their album Systemisch

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lancome Cosmetic - Anti Stress

Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm
to Surrender to Calmness ..

This cream support the skin’s natural defences and strengthens it against the effects of daily stress.-I absolutely need it-
It is for all skin types even sensetive skin. As you know I have a sensetive and allergic skin and it is difficult to find right moustrizer for me :( .
When Lancome Proffessionals suggest me that cream - of course - I had a doubt about it. I have not purchased it immediately and asked them to give me a sample . And they gave me 3 samples :) They confident about their product too much.
As soon as I am applied: My skin is immediately moisturised, comfortable and soft.Next day my skin looked like relaxed, fresher .Actually it is better moisturised .How can I tell you ?I though my skin is really clean, like it is breathing .I think this is just for me :) -
You can find 3 different of Hydra zen :
HYDRA ZEN NEUROCALM™ Day creamSoothing Anti-Stress Moisturising Care
HYDRA ZEN NEUROCALM™ Fluid creamSoothing Anti-Stress Moisturising Fluid Cream
HYDRA ZEN NUIT NEUROCALM™Soothing Replenishing Night Cream
And also in Lancome offical web site you can find application on video :)

Image from : Lancome

Monday, August 13, 2007


New fragrance from Jesus del Pozo which joins the Spanish designer's existing J.del Pozo in Black.
The company said for it "a return to basics, to nature stripped to its most essential, to the shiniest sea",

Bottle design : pearl-shaped ,spherical and the packaging are white with an iridescent pearl appearancebottle

Top notes reveal fresh bergamot and bamboo leaf, with a deep and delicate note of lemon blossom. Middle notes reveal a floral bouquet where orange blossom, magnolia, orchid, almond blossom, white freesia and Egyptian jasmine are combined. Bottom notes comprise a sensual trace of iris flower and powdered musk. (via moodiereport)

J.Del Pozo will launch J.Del Pozo In White fall 2007 for the Americas, followed by the rest of the world however this product is already available in Spain.

Source : Moodiereport

Friday, August 10, 2007


Homemade Face Mask
Ready for homemade mask ?? We have already known that we should use mask for our face and neck. Here are some home made mask. If you know more tips please write me . :)
Yogurt-Honey-Banana Mask
1 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoons yogurt
1/2 Banana
First you should mash the banana and then mix in the honeyand yogurt. Apply to your face .After 15-20 minutes rinse off with cool water .
Strawberries and Cream Facial Mask
1 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoon heavy cream 4
-5 ripe strawberries -puree-
Put strawberries,cream and honey in a blender .Apply to your face. 10 minutes later wash your face with cool water
Orange Yogurt Facial Mask For nourishes
1 tablespon yogurt
juice of 1/4 of an orange
Mix yogurt and orange and then dip fingers into mixture and smooth onto face. The sensation is both cool and relaxing. Leave on for a five minutes and then rinse. If you are feeling sluggish, this is the perfect mask for you. The yogurt will cleanse and nourish. The orange is full of Vitamin C
Yogurt and Cucumber Facial Mask ( this is my favorite)
1 tablespoon yogurt 1/2 cucumber
Put cucumber and yogurt in a blender, apply to your face.15-20 minutes later wash your face with cool water.

Thats all I apply homemade facial masks and lets make wonderful masks for us

Image source : CAP

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


High Potency Serum is a new products of Cellex-C

Firstly I want to apologise to Cellex-C company, I never interested in their products :( Because of their bottle. It looks like medicine bottle so I didn't like it . I know it is my mistake, I had to care about what is inside but when I saw Cellex-C bottle - like medicine- immediately looked somewhere else.
But yesterday I saw a very nice commercial, I searched them and I found very interesting things.
Especially I liked High Potency Serum. It is oil-free and for all skin types. It contains tyrosine, zinc, patented combination of minerals and vitamins to make skin look younger and heal damaged skin.
For more information I would suggest you visit Cellex-C web site. There is lots of information and researches about their products.I tell you again,
I will follow Cellex more carefully :))

Image source: Cellex-C web site

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Taking Care of Eyes.
I am working long hours on the PC - what can I do , this is my job- Yes and I use eye-glass but nowadays my eyes are sending some signal ."Pay Attention- Pay Attention!" They are burning whole day and especially in the morning they are still burning. They are red and itching too much. Anyway today I decided to search about EYE CARE. I have to do something about them. The eyes are the most important part of the body and we always neglect to care for them . And I found some AYURVEDA treatment and suggests. An they are :
- Do not wash the eyes with hot water
- Do not wash the eyes when the body is sweating
- Do not stare
- Sleeping sunrise is harmful for the eyes.
- If you have to stay late, drink a cup of water after each hour
- Avoid staying long in such conditions- dust , strong sunlight, strong wind, smoke.If you have to stay blink ofter and massage with your palms
- Every morning fill your mouth with water, close the eyes and sprinkle water on them about 10-15 times.
- Do eyes exercise- moving eye ball- right and left, upward and downwards and rotating it.
-Rub the palms of both hands for about 30 seconds, close the eyes and gently place the warm palms over the eyes.
-Eat carrot and cabbage - raw.
-Put one drop of honey in each eyes once a week

Image source : Devianart Web site

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Dior Capture Lip Filler

New Porducts from Christian Dior ...
You know our lip area extremely thin and sensitive is always moving and unprotected. Thats why especially ageing comes from that area. Thaks God Dior solve our problem and created new products "Capture 60/80 Lip Filler"
It is fast penetrating gel serum and transparent . Silicon- tipped pen fill wrinles bones immediately and you will the difference one hour later on your face , in four hours it still shows its effective And also our lips appear plump and smooth ..

Christian Dior labs has resulted in innovative skin care treatment lines in thirty years of research.
I recommend to everyone this product which is very small and very usefull
Keep Smiling with Christian Dior :))

Image form : Strawberry web site

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Technorati.. for bloggers

My new wonder Technorati :))
While I was reading some blogs, I always see "Technorati" banner. At the end I click it .
This web site is for bloogers, especially like me :(
I always forget bloggers web site addresses, then I try to find them.
But now I can create a favorite link in the Technorati and I can find them very easly.
Technorati Profile
If you wan to add this web site to your favorites, just click it :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ashop Commerce

When I have a new opportunity from Smorty, I have visited to sponsor's web site before accept the task. It is Ashop Commerce Shopping Card Software. There is a demo in web site. And I tried to investigate what Ashop is and doing. I couldn't believe my eye !!
How easy Shopping cart software, how successful design. I don't know anything about design or coding.
But I don’t need if I want to have an online store. You can create everything with your admin area even your design. I designed blue web page and there were “hearts ” icon that I use for MY shop, after my design finished in 10 min , I started to add my products . Of course I do not have any products but I put some perfumes bottles as images and I gave price for them. Half an hour my shop is ready !
Ashop Commerce especially is good for small business. I tell you , if you want to create an online store and you don't want to pay high price, It is just for you !!
I think, The most important thing that Ashop achieve , is SEO working. They optimize your web site very easy way. Everybody knows that to have a online store is not enough, you should optimize and increase your page rank , Ashop helps you very friendly way.Also they offer you 10 day free trial account,you will see by yourself if its suits you.
Please visit the ecommerce software web site

Thursday, July 26, 2007

FLEUR DU MALE By Jean Paul Gaultier

New Fragrance ByJean Paul Gaultier - Fleur Du Male .

I am thinking how I can start to write about that fragrance.
It is really different ladies as always Jean Paul does :)) Firstly when I smell it I thought .... is that for men or for women ? I checked the name again and it says "Du male". Fleur Du Male means "Flower of Male" in English .. Yes we can see it :) we can see really cool guy in flowers in the commercial !! And it really suprised me , I know in modern days men apply very different fragrance but I think it is the most different one :)
However when base notes come you can understand that It is totally masculine.....
It is not like Le Male ( old one) , it is less spicy, less powerful but It has Jean Paul Galtier special tounch "Orange Blossom"

Anyway I like that perfume and I decide to apply it just for myself and though it is %100 masculine I am sure that, lots of women will buy it just for themselves.

Image from : Jean Paul Gaurtier web site

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shiseido Skin Care

Let's fight with dark spots and freckles by using Shiseido White Lucent Serum!!
I am obsessive about spots in my face, so my whole searchs about spots :)) I have just a little brown spots due to sun , I apply 40 SPF sun cream to protection my face all day .But still I have just some brownies :) I found Shiseido White Lucent Concentrated Brightening Serum, !!
Especially These all White Lucent Products which Shiseido pretend us are wonderful.I am very serious about fighting spot and freckles. This serum is targeting spots and freckles .Today I start to test it and is absorbed quickly and completely.Also it gives radiance and coloration.
They recommended for all skin types with spots and freckles. Just one thing you should remember , "apply it before moisturizer "
This serum is little bit expensive actually , it is $105 for 30ml at the Strawberry but I don't want to live these spots ans freckles that why I will try Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Serum as well :(

Image from : Strawberry web site

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I love chocolate

Lets talk about 2007 Summer Trends ....

I know you want to eat chocolate and yo have to be careful about your form :)) But there is a very easy way to use CHOCOLATE without eating and it is
"Summer Trend make up" this summer You can use chocolate by applying brown and red make up products that we meet often this summer . Regarding to Marie Claire magazine , We will have an assertive face !

Anyway we may not eat the "brown queen" but we can apply it , especially if you don't have bronze tan in these summer days , by applying these products you can have very nice bronze tan.
Some of them :
The Body Shop Shimmer
L'oreal Colour Appeal
Givency Vernis Please
MAybelline NY Dream Mousse
Lancome Design Eye Shadow
Bobbi Brown Rouge

Monday, July 23, 2007


We know that summer time we should apply light make -up. However this summer every companies have really nice Pink colour , actually I don't like too much pink make up, I always mix them up with other colour, gray,yellow for eye make up and for me lips I apply little red or claret red . When I read a article on Marie Claire , I decide to investigate these products and now I like them.:)) Because they are not just Pink. They have shiny and different tones of Pink ! İ.e It means you can apply these products just by themselves .

These what Marie Claire suggests :
Number 1 : Clinique Full Potential Lips Cherry Bomb
Number 2 : YSL Lip Twins
Number 3 : Guerlian Kiss Kiss No:860- (I haven't test it yet)Number 4: Estee Lauder Pure Color candy Cube
Number 5: Maybelline NY Mouse Pink Frosting No:10
Number 6: Nivea Creamy Metal No:04 (I really like it)Number 7: Clarins Multi Blush Cream Compact
Number 8:Debora Rouge
Number 9: Estee Lauder Lip gloss Berry (It is little expensive but its worth)

I am sure that one of them can be for you.And in a summer days Please do not think that "don't make up" Especially you should make up while you have bronze tan. And If you don't have any bronze tan, you know you can make up as bronze tan as I always do that :) and also my next article about chocolate :))

Image from: Marie Claire

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gisele Bundchen Rules the Fashion World

A Brazillian top model whose daugther of a German family with a sweet tan of southern girls and green eyes like Rhine river. German people calling her "übermodel" -über means over in english-

Nowadays I'm reading lots of news about Gisele, generally about the money she earnt, signed a contract with Victoria secret (26 million US$) and owner of a huge amount of fortune (150 million US$-holy god) but what we are going to talk here is the perfumes that she likes , the tricks of her beauty and her style.

Gisele loves perfumes very much as all other models do. But Gisele loves Liberté that Cacharel presents to the perfume world much which contains the mixture of orange and patchoulie and she adds "It is fitting with my character".

Two different products of Georgio Armani Mascara Maestro and Fluide Embelliseur No.3 she has been very impressed. I'll make a search and visit cosmetic stores around me and bring some information about them so soon.

Gisele has represented lots of brands here is the list of some of them Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Celine, H&M, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Gianfranco Ferre, Chloe and Apple MAC. No doubt she is the best candidate for Cacharel and It seems her bank account is gonna get bigger.

Bundchen says ; "I am so happy and so grateful that I am in a situation, where I can be myself, speak out openly, can do what is important to me and have the freedom to live my life in a way that I can be content with it. I think Liberte is a very strong word and a cool project. Everybody should work on being free. That should be everybody's mission for 2007: Work on being free!"

So isn't she cool , we all beleive she is, and wishing good luck to her in her new business life.

Edit : Here is a video of Gisele from a photo shooting, video taken from wold of fashion.

Blog Advertising... Smells so good

I am really happy to be in this bloggers world, I just have great interests in about Cosmetics..I am always searching Cosmetics Companies, what is new , which company produces wonderful fragrances ..etc .One day I have decided to write something about cosmetics. After a while I recognize that somehow I can earn money with posting my opinions and researchs. Of course
there are lots of companies which provide money to bloggers but I Smorty !

I always believe that we are in some kind of energy, and when I enter Smorty I felt really nice energy insinde.I dont know why, maybe site colour or texts, but I did like it :)) Also I have just signed up today and same day I received an e-mail that my blog was approved, then logged in and accepted opportunities, As I told you before I really didn’t know about that kind of things but Smorty explained everything very clearly, I mean their service is wonderful.

This company really serious about blog advertising.Anyways enough chit chat , bloggers please visit Smorty Web Site and start to earn some money and advertisers, join their system and you will see how your web sites rankings increase.

I beleive they are going to grow very fast and will be the best blog advertising service around the world

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Femme From Hugo Boss

The new feminine fragrance from Hugo Boss..

Hugo Boss Web site is really cool, really luxury.Actually I could find all details about Boss Fragrance in it . And also they send a Free Sample of their products :)) I have never wear Boss Fragrance before , but yesterday I smelled it in a store.I have felt very smooth and bright when I smelled it . Femme is absolutley for romantic women and also modern women of today. It opens with freesia and tangerine, Bulgarian rose and jasmine follows them.Lemon wood and apricot are base notes of Femme By Boss. It presents in a sophisticatedly feminine bottle.. It means It can be a nice present !! It is only USD 50.- in Strawbery Store.
For more information please visit BossFragrance web site, I guarantee that you will love the Boss's web site and also Boss Femme..

Image from.Boss Fragrance

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sephora How To's: Get the Perfect Smoky Eye

Smokey eyes ! I always tried to do smokey eyes for myself and after that video I have succesed !! Now your turn...

Nivea "Sun Kissed" Firming Moisturizer

Another advertisement I have met on You Tube .
A very nice moisturizer on a beatiful woman (I am planning to be :))
New body cream "Sun Kissed" Firming Moisturizer from Nivea

Friday, July 13, 2007


Lancaster, Expert of Sun !! Enjoy From Sun .

We have to respect our skin, especially in the summer days we have to put more attention to our skin and also our face. As I told you before, we are not being younger attention day by day. You know lots of things about cells, DNA, UVA/UVB or something like that for older ages.It means we should know everything about PROTECTION.
I don't want to see very neglected face when I look in the mirror.
Anyways after my research, I have found that Lancaster has a New series for face.

*Face Protection SPF 15 - Mature Skin-Sun Care Anti-Age Multi Protection
*Face Protection SPF 30 -High Protection Anti-Ageing Cream
*Sun Care SPF 50 - Delicate Skin
They all against anti ageing , free radical protection and also giving moisture, calm , soothes , hydrating and very very (!) high protection from UV rays.

However if it is about my FACE, I never mention about money. If I don't purchase any product for protection so why am I working ? right ?Anyways , I always believe to ....

Lancaster as a Anti Ageing Expert 60 years of Innovation.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Juvenical DNA Skin Optimizer Cream

Juvedical DNA SKIN OPTIMIZER from Juvena.

As I am a big fan of Juvena Skin Care product when my moisturize is finished , I decided to purchase new products of Juvena .I don't need to try because I always believe what they say

"The Beauty Guarantee of JUVENA."

Actually reading what it is , I was so impressed.Skin Nova Technology & DNA Nano Technology. They said that DNA inside nucleus can restore itself and for cell renewal, a wonderful environment is created.And by this cream the cells optimized and also protected on all layers in a very special ways. SKIN NOVA TECHNOLOGY provides the skin with long lasting support of its renewal process
Well, I believe that you will be satisfy with that product .

Juvena says that :

"So the Beauty Code is cracked – your skin is noticeably younger."

Image form Juvena Web site.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Fragrance From TRUSSARDI

New fragrances from Italian design house Trussardi
for man and woman.
When do you think to have these fabulous fragrances or I should ask what must happen to make you buy ? I guess I should say something special , something wonderful! You can't go to a store and say "Wow! new fragrance, can I test it ?" No ! You can't test it . You have to buy it and worship it immediately :)) You shouldn't use them, just smell it . Before go to bed, smell it and then imagine what you will see in your dreams .
I really like Trussardi products, and I don't know why but they have some energy in them. When you touch or smell them you feel something different with yourself. Phew! It is too difficult to describe what my feelings are . I wanted to have them but when ? or how ? I told you before It must be something special. Maybe on my birthday, it was on October (!) my husband birthday , it is on August. Our anniversary...passed it .
Then ... my mom called me and said "Do not forget to come in that weekend" ( I have already forgotten) . said "Never!" . And then she said she would cook special meat for dinner but asked me if I make a cake for their 40Th anniversary !!! Wola ...I had my reason to buy these fragrances ....Immediately I have bought them .I couldn't open till come to home. 2 hours later I was still looking at these bottles. Bottled in ribbed glass jackets and metal with Trussardi Sign .They look like they are in a team but each has its own way , however they complete each other .Like Yin Yang.Anyway if I have to say something about content : Trussardi blend of teak wood and coffee in a courageous way,but each comment has its own different way.

Let's say What Discover What is Inside ...

Image from : Trussardi Web Page

Monday, July 9, 2007

Givenchy Rouge

When I saw this commercial, I have immediately told to my husband
" I want t be like her , so lets go to shopping tomorrow and buy this Givency Rouge "
He opened his eyes. Because I told him magical words "Lets buy " !!He looked at the commercial, then he looked at me .
He said "You can't look like her darling " ( darling- see the magic word)
"Why not !!!" ( Imagine how big my eyes when I said WHY NOT- am ready to fight like a cat )He said in a very cool mood
"Because you are a human, but she is a Goddess"
I didn't hear any words of it
"I am going to buy this "rouge" and I will be like Liv Tyler, OK ? .. I do not see any difference between me and Liv .... all I need was the Products ID for this "rouge"
He said "Of course you don't have any difference. Both of you have two eyes and one nose.. No you are right there is no difference . Just need a number of him"
"Of him ?, what are you talking about ?"
"plastic surgeon's phone number, I know just one plastic surgery can do that,

I still don't understand what he is talking about . I just want that Givenchy Rouge , that's all. But are there any doctor make same face in this world. Imagine, i want to look like Julia Roberts, and then 2 months later. I am Julia Roberts .. aha it is really nice.

"Who is he ? I want to look like her, with that rouge or without ."
"Honey, only God can make this , and sorry but in this life you missed it. He gave this chance to Liv, maybe your next life "
W h a t i s h e t a l k i n g ab o u t ??
"I don't know HONEY, I will go shopping tomorrow, The God, next life, any chance ... they are too complicated for me , Be ready for tomorrow "
End of discussion .......
Anyway , I cant wait till tomorrow it doesn't matter how expensive or not . I have never used Any Givenchy products before. But after Liv , I become more interested in Givenchy. You see, they choose very nice face for their commercial. Just one thing I don't agree with their commercial. And They said :Such a beauty must be banning....
no no no ladies, this beauty must be always and always with us .
Have a good night ..

Image from :Givenchy web site