Friday, October 19, 2007

Dom Perignon - Eva Harzigova

And also when I watched this commercial video of Don Perignon , I really liked it .
Eva Herzigova and Brad Kroenig are wonderful in this video. Lets watch ! Some notes about this movie :
When Karl Lagerfeld shot the latest Dom Perignon Rosé ads, he brought in Swedish music film director Johan Renck to shoot a short film at the same time. It's an ultra-contemporary fairy tale about the irresistible attraction of a man and a woman - solitary seductive hedonists in a world of luxury, whose paths cross at one of Paris' finest hotels. The woman is played by Eva Herzigova and the man is Brad Kroenig, one of today’s most sought-after male models. Renck has worked in the past with Madonna, The Libertines and Kylie Minogue.

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