Monday, October 1, 2007

Kenzo Amour

A Wonderful Fragrance from Kenzo again...

I applied Kenzo when I was eighteen and twenties and stil I am appliying Kenzo again. I wonder when I will be give up from Kenzo .
I think this one is amazing actually I like the idea use different bottel for same perfume ! White, Orange or Purple bottles..
Kenzo Amour is a gentle, sensual and cheerful perfume. . The perfume's waves of wood (Tanaka) rice, cherry blossom and frankincense tell a tale of ‘lovely places vibrating with color and fragrance.’

Top note : Blossom ,Frangipani
Middle note : Frankincense,Cherry Blossom, White Tea,
Base note : Vanilla , Thanaka Wood, Rice.
I strongly suggest that try Kenzo Amour once, I believe you will fall in Love !!


Mechanix said...

-thanks for dropping by my site you asked if i have no english blogs, the main language of the blog itself is english. i guess you have overlooked the whole blog. if you took time to notice, you could see that only a single entry was written in my own language. It's a story and an excerpt from someone elses post, and it's a very special entry.

Cosmetics and Perfumes said...

Thanks for the info.I will enter it again