Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ecommerce Store

As I mention before there is a very good Shopping Cart Software in Ashop Commerce .At last my brother have to buy a store from them . I insisted him open a store in the Internet world. He has some doubt about owner an online store .Because he has no idea about HTML or some coding . But I know that you do not need any knowledge bu using Ashop Commerce .
Anyway he is selling some chairs from home and garden now to the WORLD. He is really happy when he sees the order. He gets email when a chair sold out :) really!
If you still has some doubts about opening online store, please try Ashop 10 day trial account. You will see how easy to use and I want to say one more thing they have very nice customer service and Live help 7/24 Monday for Friday

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Delilah UK Girl said...

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