Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mediterranean Diet

Hi all,

I have read very nice article in a blog and once again I thanked God !
You know I am living in a Mediterranean country and we have lots of natural staff for our beauty - lucky us! – and because of our foods our women have no too much weight.
What are the foods of Mediterranean? Fish, olive oil, vegetables, fruits. They are all healthy! Believe me you should see the old women in my country…

Everybody knows that mediterranean diet is the famous diet in the diet world :)
Mediterranean food is not just good to loose weight also it helps to pregnant women, in asthma, for heart, Alzheimer’s disease and also low risk for cancer!!
Anyway you should visit that blog and read the articles about health. There are very interesting articles about health; First Aid-Burn treatment, Benefits of Honey? Criticism on health effect of Coca Cola ( I strongly suggest to read that article)
I also want to thank to the owner of that blog, because this kind of blog is good for our lives. I will always follow it and am sure that it will keep that quality.

Merry Christmas all!! See you soon…