Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Copper meets jewel

As a jewel addicted woman I can never pass without checking websites about jewelries. Here I found some other jewelry related website and a lovely product in it. I have just jum onto this and bought this one for myself and one other to my husband ( I can't stand). The fantastic side of this purchase is they have a very special discount and very fast and free shipping for US. Then I create a list of "What is next to buy?" the next step is vintage jewelries you have to see them to beleive them then fight with the husband, after this purchase I will pass to antique jewelries and another fight with the husband. This fight are never going to have an end :) nevermind going to buy more and more because he loves me haha. Anyways, the list of other choices are here,

- Copper Cuff Far Fetched Bracelet
- Leather Jewelry
- Gemstones etc.

Enjoy your shopping from online far fetched jewelry store

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Beautiful Software

I bought some skin care products from They have a very nice web site and an
online store. If you want to buy something you can easily find them on the internet and you can buy it . I always wonder what kind of software running at the background. And If I have a store how I can understand which one is suitable for me .Yes maybe we may not know some technical language but we can see which one has the best customer care in that area, right? Many company don't want to talk to a customer after purchasing, but there is a company which is selling shopping cart software have a really fast customer service. They have 24 hours live chat, if you send an e-mail to them about anything, they answer it so fast.And their software is affordable, easy to use. Even I can design my store by myself ..If you need an online store , I strongly suggest you to check Ashop Commerce web site, try 10 days free trial account.And please tell me your opinion

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

House Make up

I always talk about Beauty for our face or body. And now time to talk about the beauty of our house. Yes we already knew that our house is important as much as our body. There is lots of ways for making better place to live .However theses things are not cheap, need to be really specialist, depth of knowledge and experience about the subject. But how can you trust a company ? What if they are not good enough for you ? What if they are not proffessional in their sector?

That’s why I want to talk about Anglian Home Improvements . They were established since 1966 !! they are the best about PVC Windows, Conservatory, Rooftrim ,Driveways, Kitchen and Garage Door and Conversions. If you are looking for guarantee ,they give you 10 (!) year guarantee, if you are looking for custom care , you’ve come to the right place . If you are wondering how much does it cost, you can call them directly, get in touch via Instant Chat, or fill in and send one of their detailed online enquiry forms.
It is that easy.

For more Information please visit :

Mascara - Masterpiece Max

New Mascara from Max Factor .. It is the next generation of mascara.
While I was searching mascara for my self - I was bored my Loreal one and I wanted to try something new- I found Masterpiece Max .
And surprisely I really enjoyed when I entered their web site. And some notes for you about this wonderful mascara ...

Finding a high impact voluming mascara that doesn’t leave your lashes looking clumpy and clogged can be a challenge.
It delivers bold, thick lashes with up to 400% volume* but defines and smoothies at the same time for a surprisingly, sleek effect. One swipe of its high tech IFX brush gives a chic, catwalk finish in seconds – no wonder its was the official mascara of
Milan Fashion Week! For beautifully framed eyes check out Masterpiece Mascara, also available as Waterproof.
Image from : web site of Max Factor


The elegant sparkle of amethyst

The new Eau De Toilette For Women .....

Following Crystalline in 2005 ; Amethyste is the third scent in the trilogy of Omnia ,
A fresh and enveloping perfume that will appeal to gracefully sexy young women.It has classic Bulgarian rose and sunny woods.
Notes are : Grapefruit, Green Sap, Iris ( Bvlgari likes Iris ! ) Bulgarian Rose and also Solar Wood and Heliotrope for the base note !
And for the bottle :Omnia jewel bottle, indigo and delicate wisteria with shades of deep purple .

Deep note: You can also have Bath & Shower and Body Lotion of Omnia Amethyste.

Image from : Bulgari web Site

Monday, September 3, 2007

Narciso Rodriguez -

"It is for all women.It is a gift.It is something very personal of mine that I would love to give to women"
Narciso Rodriguez

Yes ... Narciso Rodriguez - born in New Jersey of Cuban American parents - told us about that perfume by himself.
Believe me I couldn't understand this perfume. Is it bad or good ? Is it for me or not ? Is it useful or not ? It is too complicated for me . After I tried lots of sample I have still doubts about it.
After these feeling I have decided it is UNIQUE perfume ! Yes it is absolutely unique. Because I think it changes according to your spirit ( mood) If you are good mood , it smells like a rose garden or if you are tired it smells amber ...etc
what else ?? seduction sensuality, sophistication, and also an intoxicating ,intimate, new harmony...
If you want to know more... go to Narciso Rodriguez web site

Image from : Narciso Rodriguez official web site