Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Copper meets jewel

As a jewel addicted woman I can never pass without checking websites about jewelries. Here I found some other jewelry related website and a lovely product in it. I have just jum onto this and bought this one for myself and one other to my husband ( I can't stand). The fantastic side of this purchase is they have a very special discount and very fast and free shipping for US. Then I create a list of "What is next to buy?" the next step is vintage jewelries you have to see them to beleive them then fight with the husband, after this purchase I will pass to antique jewelries and another fight with the husband. This fight are never going to have an end :) nevermind going to buy more and more because he loves me haha. Anyways, the list of other choices are here,

- Copper Cuff Far Fetched Bracelet
- Leather Jewelry
- Gemstones etc.

Enjoy your shopping from online far fetched jewelry store

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ghee said...

wow!nice and fashionable site!!
thanx ofr the visit :)