Friday, March 28, 2008

love you croc staffs ?

Ready to read very nice article? Here it is ...

How can a bag cost more then med school?
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO HANDBAG: $16,500 Crocodile skins from
South Africa take 60 days to prepare and are finished with aniline dye
to preserve color and texture. Can be made to order. Equal to: Mint-
condition vintage 1920s Buick

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN BOOTIE $7300: Alligator skin is send to tanneries in Italy, then softened and custom-dyed for 12 weeks. EQUAL TO: Limited-edition Andy Warhol Fish print

JIMMY CHOO PYTHON PUMP $920: Python from Southeast Asia and southern India is softened in drums for two days before a metallic wash is applied. EQUAL TO: Month's rent for a one-bedroom L.A. apartment

CALVIN KLEIN BULLSKIN PUMP $1050: From the backs of wild bullfrogs in Australia and Indonesia-treated and dyed for three weeks it's soft, supple and durable. EQUAL TO: Paying off credit-card debt from holiday shopping.

YSL DOWNTOWN CROC TOTE $37,990: It takes five months to construct this one-of-a-kind limited edition crocodile bag. The skin, from Louisiana, is shipped to Italy to be chrome-tanned for softness and brushed with color by hand. MORE THAN: One year tuition at Jonhs Hopkins medical school.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Neutrogena Eye Duo

New !! Nourishing Eye Duo ..

One conditions, one illuminates.
It is a relationship that makes your sparkle.

I am not a big fan of Neutrogena so far however today -I was off due to the Easter Holiday- I went to the shopping center to buy a new eye shadow. I need small- to carry my bag and also two different color and also it has to be nourishing features :) do I want too much? NO! Here is the Neutrogena Eye duo.

The first eye shadow clinically shown to make your skin smoother and healthier.
The base shade with vitamins and soy conditions skin. The accent shade adds eye-illuminating color.

One more reason why Neutrogena is recommended most by dermotlogists
And beautiful women like you..

Here are some other colors of Neutrogena, you have five different options. I am pretty sure that you are all like the new eye shadow, I recommend you -like Dermatologist :) - go to a store and try this product ..

Monday, March 17, 2008

Kinara Skin Care Clinic And Spa

Where do the Hollywood a-Lister go to Polish and prep for red-carpet walk? Straight to Olga Lorencin-Northrup,co-owner of the elite Kinara Skin Care Clinic and Spa in West Hollywood,CA, for her celebrated 55-minute Res Carpet Facial ($150) contains bottle of peel, neutralizer and mask, as well as brush and bowl. The kit is good for 30-40 applications.

The lactic-acid peel bubbles up in a satisfying way when the neutralizer is painted on, "steam cleaning" the pores."That's where the red carpet 'glow' comes from," explains Lorencin-Northrup. The mask with red-yeast and green-tea extracts and promotes healing with zinc oxide. The products, which debuted in January, is available in select salons and spas and at

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Max Factor

Lash Lights ...
YES ! I decide to purchase a new mascara ! I know I have already two different mascaras ( L'oreal and Max Factor) but but but I love the new Series ! Love you Max Factor :)

New Vivid impact highlighting mascara!
Love the look of highlights for your hair? Now get subtle color highlights for your lashes with the first dual-ended highlighting mascara from Max Factor.First the iFX brush delivers the lengthening base color.Flip it,and light up your lashes with one of five couture highlighting colors.It is a flashy new world of eye effects.
Carmen Electra is wearing new Vivid Impact Highlighting Mascara in 24 Karat Brown .


Fiber Optics .
A close look at the newest mascaras, namely AVON UPLIFTING ($4.99) and MAYBELLINE NEW YORK XXL CURL POWER ($8.25), reveals tiny fibers dotting the wands .What are they ? Turn out the mini strands are made of rayon or nylon ,and once brushed on, cling to lashes to create length , volume and longer-lasting curl.
note from : Ying Chu . While I covet London jeweler Solange Azagury Partridge's lavishly priced baubles, I recently discovered a way to wear her designs without taking out a second mortgage: Dab on a touch of her STONED EAU DE PARFUM ($285).A heady mix of jasmine, heliotrope,and patchouli, the juice is blended with microscopic diamond dust.Way to sparkle .

Salon Sub
John Barret's famous glossy blowout at his salon in Bergdorf Goodman are another reason the Manhattan store's a lıxury landmark.But if you cannot fit in a trip, his BE HEALED STYLING MASQUE ($38) enriched with keratin,melon-seed oil, and beeswax, makes them a reality at home.