Friday, March 28, 2008

love you croc staffs ?

Ready to read very nice article? Here it is ...

How can a bag cost more then med school?
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO HANDBAG: $16,500 Crocodile skins from
South Africa take 60 days to prepare and are finished with aniline dye
to preserve color and texture. Can be made to order. Equal to: Mint-
condition vintage 1920s Buick

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN BOOTIE $7300: Alligator skin is send to tanneries in Italy, then softened and custom-dyed for 12 weeks. EQUAL TO: Limited-edition Andy Warhol Fish print

JIMMY CHOO PYTHON PUMP $920: Python from Southeast Asia and southern India is softened in drums for two days before a metallic wash is applied. EQUAL TO: Month's rent for a one-bedroom L.A. apartment

CALVIN KLEIN BULLSKIN PUMP $1050: From the backs of wild bullfrogs in Australia and Indonesia-treated and dyed for three weeks it's soft, supple and durable. EQUAL TO: Paying off credit-card debt from holiday shopping.

YSL DOWNTOWN CROC TOTE $37,990: It takes five months to construct this one-of-a-kind limited edition crocodile bag. The skin, from Louisiana, is shipped to Italy to be chrome-tanned for softness and brushed with color by hand. MORE THAN: One year tuition at Jonhs Hopkins medical school.