Monday, March 24, 2008

Neutrogena Eye Duo

New !! Nourishing Eye Duo ..

One conditions, one illuminates.
It is a relationship that makes your sparkle.

I am not a big fan of Neutrogena so far however today -I was off due to the Easter Holiday- I went to the shopping center to buy a new eye shadow. I need small- to carry my bag and also two different color and also it has to be nourishing features :) do I want too much? NO! Here is the Neutrogena Eye duo.

The first eye shadow clinically shown to make your skin smoother and healthier.
The base shade with vitamins and soy conditions skin. The accent shade adds eye-illuminating color.

One more reason why Neutrogena is recommended most by dermotlogists
And beautiful women like you..

Here are some other colors of Neutrogena, you have five different options. I am pretty sure that you are all like the new eye shadow, I recommend you -like Dermatologist :) - go to a store and try this product ..

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