Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Smashbox Cosmetics !

New ! Breakthrough Oil Free Formula

Finally , a primer for oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Introduction out latest primer innovation, PHOTO FINISH FOUNDATION PRIMER LIGHT. Created especially for oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin,this oil-free, water based primer delivers the same skin perfecting finish as our classic primer while oil absorbers provide a smooth matte finish all day.Advanced light diffusers minimize the appearance of imperfections, while vitamin C and peptides help even skin tone and promote collagen production for a flawless future.New airless pump ensures freshness to the last drop.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Little Luxuries ....

Stocking stuffers so sassy .. it is hard to wait for holidays!Originally stocking contained five gifts,each meant to awaken one of the five senses

Houte Lips : Get kissed by high fashion with creamy,couture-caliber lip shades.Chanel Exclusive 4 Camelias .$65
Elle Of time : Hit the town with freesia as your wing man. YSL Elle, $78
Go For the Gild: Shimmer plus scent.Guerlain Forever Gold, $78.-
Delicious All Day: Four scents, designed to be worn from dawn till dusk.Lisa Hoffman Variations in French Clary Sage,$150
Gloss-Up Girls: Double your chances for a pretty pout with these two-sided tubes.Benefit Her Glossiness Set,$26 for a set of three.
Burning Bright: Mini candles in a range of scents from peony to rose.Red Flower Candles,$12 each.
Tan Not Included:Bergamot brings you the warmth of Capri sans bikini.Michael Kors Island Capri,$60.
Cosmetics Get Cute: Reapply shadow in style.Clarins Precious Eye Palette,$38.-

Friday, February 22, 2008

Web Sites

Some website that I like to visit :
Cool Nice Perfume
Smell your best! Best discounts on perfume, colognes, fragrances and best selling discount perfume for men and women.

Thursday, February 21, 2008



My skin is a sensitive skin so I always search what the new product for my skin, my new found is DARPHIN BEAUTY INTRAL FACIAL SKIN CARE. Actually
I do not have lots of information about Darphin but today I found very nice article about it and I am going to purchase a Darphin ,Soothing Serum this weekend. It may help you if you have a sensitive skin so I will paste that article for you :
Paris may be the home of couture fashion, but it has also created couture skin care. Darphin has specifically designed the Intral range for sensitive skin and it is tailor made to alleviate reactions of intolerance and reduce the appearance of redness. The Soothing Serum and the Recovery Balm use an exclusive combination of active ingredients to calm the skin. Our tester was complaining of red, blemished dry skin caused by the harsh winter weather (wind, cold, central heating) but after using the Soothing Serum overnight, declared her skin was entirely recovered

Monday, February 18, 2008

TOP TEN floral fragrances

Are you a floral person ? Addict to floral scent ?
Here they are :) Top ten floral fragrances for Glomour magazine .

1- PAUL SMITH ROSE: English rose! Center note absolutaly the rose scent.It is blended with Turkish rose oil,violet, tea-green-, and magnolia flowers.
2.-WOODS OF WINDSOR TRUE ROSE : old-fashioned garden roses, it combines three varieties and rose, geranium ,chamomile and freesia
3.-JO MALONE WHITE JASMINE AND MINT COLOGNE : It’s the delicate mix of jasmine, orange flower, lily and wild rose, with wild mint.
5.-MARC JACOBS PERFUME DAISY :made from violet wild strawberry, ruby and grapefruit, with added gardenia and jasmine
6.-ESTÉE LAUDER PRIVATE COLLECTION TUBEROSE GARDENIA : “When my grandmother launched the first Private Collection fragrance in 1973, her idea was to give the world a special fragrance she had created originally just for herself and a few friends,” explains Aerin
7.-GUCCI RUSH :it is made up of peony and freesia, bergamot,violet, carnation and jasmine.
8.-YSL PARIS D’YVES SAINT LAURENT :it is like a bouquet , notes of iris ,orange blossom and violet combine with rose .
9.-ANNA SUI FLIGHT OF FANCY:is fruity and exotic which comes from the mixture of magnolia, litchi, yuzu ,purple rain freesia and rose blossom.
10.-VIKTOR & ROLF FLOWERBOMB EAU DE PARFUM :is an explosion of petals, from orchid, bergamot, and orange tree, to freesia, jasmine and patchouli.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker COVET

New Fragrance from Sarah Jessica Parker - Covet

A Sweet Powdery Fragrance by Sarah Jessica Parker - Covet
The individual components from lavender to greens to citrus to chocolate though subtle, soften and sweeten things rapidly. It does have great staying power and it settles down to a pleasant aura that surrounds you all day.

A modern classic feminine fragrance
Precious seductive
Draws you in & will not let you go
Blend of fresh green notes, gorgeous floral & sensuous woods
Perfect for all occasions

Eau De Perfume ,Spray Luxurious Shower Gel ,Rich Body Lotion

Fragrance from Kate Moss

New fragrance from scandal woman !KATE MOSS

This fragrance is glamorous, feminine, sophisticated, wild and unforgettable. A mix of elegant and risqué; it is alluring but it recalls a seductive temptress with a silent mystery. It is infused with smoky rose and black undertones, coupled with a vintage English feel.
Top notes of orange blossom absolute, pink pepper and forget-me-not
At the scent's heart are lily of the valley, magnolia , heliotrope, and peony, as well as rose petal notes.
Base notes include sandalwood,(I like it very much) patchouli, musk, amber seeds and vetiver.

From Kate Moss : Body Lotion ,Eau De Toilette Spray 50ml/100ml,Shower Gel

How to Use Bronzer in Winter

All women have the same problem in the winter time.. Our faces are really white and we try to find some solution to cover our white (!) face. At the ancient time your face had to white if you are in a high class, bronze face was not acceptable for them BUT in our time you need to be bronzer :) and today I read very nice article in web site, here is some tricks for us ..
Lets read and apply :)

Ok, if you are as pale as the belly of a whale and you're not happy about it, start using bronzer. The trick to applying bronzer to pale, winter skin is to do it right. You want to look sun-kissed, not sun-drenched. Use a bronzer that's just a shade darker than your skin tone and use a big brush to swipe color on forehead, cheeks, nose and chin -- all the spots where the sun usually shines. Follow with a pink-toned blush to the apples of the cheek.

Friday, February 8, 2008

New TV Series

Ladies ..... 2 new TV series for us :) lets Compare the new Sex and the City knockoffs
Cashmere Maria (ABC) produced by Darren Star : Four fashionable friends-a sexed-up blonde , polished brunette, feisty redhead and quirky Asian-American - seek world domination (and a happy home life)
Jobs: Cosmetics-company senior VP, investment banker,hotel exec, publisher
Where the magic happens: Weekday lunches with the gals at a four-top in the hottest spot in town
Cosmo Upgrade: Martinis
Obligatory silly dresser : Ruffle-loving Lucy Liu
The 'Big' idea : To be Ms. Big

Lipstick Jungle (NBC) produced by Candace Bushnell : Three(!) fashionable friends- a sexed-up blonde,polished brunette and quirky Asian-American-seek world domination (with a good work-life balance)
Jobs: Editor,movie exec, fashion designer
Where the magic happens : Weekday lunches with the gals at a three-top in the hottest spot in town.
Cosmo Upgrade : Champagne
Obligatory silly dresser: Ruffle-loving Lindsay Price
The 'Big' idea: They are Mr. Big

My idea ; I have seen both of them and I cannot exactly say which one is the best right now but Cashmere Mafia is little bit better than the other one. We will see which one will be the new Sex and the City

Friday, February 1, 2008

Orlane Paris

Orlane Paris
Why Does this skin cream cost $650

When the alchemist at Orlane Paris set out to oncoct the ultimate moisturize- the creme de la creme- they liberally mixed cutting-edge technology with ancient Chinese and Egyptian medicinal traditions: Natural royal jelly from bees, acacia senegal, and pure-gold extract-long prized as antiaging remedies-have been filtered through the lab, where they are rendered dermatologically viable.Dubbed Creme Royale, it can be used every day if you want to play the princess

COCO PUFFER : Coco-glycerides ,derived from coconut and fruit sugar,energize skin cells and increase production of collagen, which plumps skin and minimized wrinkles.
WHAT IS THE BUZZ: The Chinese believe royal-jelly supplements boots longevity.Queen bees who eat it live seven years while worker bees who don't indulge live but six weeks.Royal jelly is kept in sealed vials to retain its natural amino acids and B vitamins that brighten and hydrate skin.
SPECIAL ACACIA : Ancient Egyptians applies the gum of the rare African acacia senegal shrub to open wounds.Supremely calming ,it reduces inflammation and redness-ideal for rosacea and eczema.
MIDAS TOUCHED: Injected into skin tissue, ğure gold extract (value at $700 an ounce) attracts collagen and promotes healing .In a cream, it prevents sagging and imparts radiance.

infı from : Marie Claire magazine