Friday, February 8, 2008

New TV Series

Ladies ..... 2 new TV series for us :) lets Compare the new Sex and the City knockoffs
Cashmere Maria (ABC) produced by Darren Star : Four fashionable friends-a sexed-up blonde , polished brunette, feisty redhead and quirky Asian-American - seek world domination (and a happy home life)
Jobs: Cosmetics-company senior VP, investment banker,hotel exec, publisher
Where the magic happens: Weekday lunches with the gals at a four-top in the hottest spot in town
Cosmo Upgrade: Martinis
Obligatory silly dresser : Ruffle-loving Lucy Liu
The 'Big' idea : To be Ms. Big

Lipstick Jungle (NBC) produced by Candace Bushnell : Three(!) fashionable friends- a sexed-up blonde,polished brunette and quirky Asian-American-seek world domination (with a good work-life balance)
Jobs: Editor,movie exec, fashion designer
Where the magic happens : Weekday lunches with the gals at a three-top in the hottest spot in town.
Cosmo Upgrade : Champagne
Obligatory silly dresser: Ruffle-loving Lindsay Price
The 'Big' idea: They are Mr. Big

My idea ; I have seen both of them and I cannot exactly say which one is the best right now but Cashmere Mafia is little bit better than the other one. We will see which one will be the new Sex and the City


Pei Hau said...

Hey, thx for dropping by. Wanna exchange links?

Cosmetics and Perfumes said...

yes I love to :))