Thursday, February 21, 2008



My skin is a sensitive skin so I always search what the new product for my skin, my new found is DARPHIN BEAUTY INTRAL FACIAL SKIN CARE. Actually
I do not have lots of information about Darphin but today I found very nice article about it and I am going to purchase a Darphin ,Soothing Serum this weekend. It may help you if you have a sensitive skin so I will paste that article for you :
Paris may be the home of couture fashion, but it has also created couture skin care. Darphin has specifically designed the Intral range for sensitive skin and it is tailor made to alleviate reactions of intolerance and reduce the appearance of redness. The Soothing Serum and the Recovery Balm use an exclusive combination of active ingredients to calm the skin. Our tester was complaining of red, blemished dry skin caused by the harsh winter weather (wind, cold, central heating) but after using the Soothing Serum overnight, declared her skin was entirely recovered


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