Monday, April 30, 2007

L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme Summer

Issey Miyake
L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme Summer
Limited Edition-2007

Yes Summer time , Every cosmetics company has new products for summer ,although they already have summer products but they still create new ones. Thats is not good for us because they will create new fragrance or cologne for winter till we decided which one is good for summer. But this time i am ready for them , i started to search when they started to sell them .I have time for wear all of them for all summer , when i bored ,the winter will be come and winter fragrance or cologne will wait for me .

Anyway, when i say something about summer,
i never forget Issey Miyake !
And this year they have really nice scent for men,the scent is fresh,invigorating,luminous and sparkling like other Issey Miyake's products.Since 1994 they are number one and i am sure they will be the same.

Do not forget it, the scent is limited

Image from : Nordstrom web page

Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Prada Handbag

Made in Italy by Prada

I know I know this web site is about cosmetics or perfumes.
But please look at this bag !
have created this wonderful handbag. I loved it at the sight and it is the bag of my dreams...
Prada is different and every time it will be different. Prada has always been distinctive, high quality products, forward-thinking approach and of course their style.
Their very strong character and unique style identify sophisticated, elegant and refined, Prada luxury products.

Do you want to hear the price ?? It is just 2.550.- USD !!! (for each)
Now I hope you understand why i said "it is the bag of my DREAMS " :))

"Evil wears Prada" sometimes the angels !

Image from : raffaello network web site

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New-Lancome High Resolution

Lancome High Resolution YEUX Collaser- 48

When I read , Lancome has a new product for eyes,
i did not pay attention too much . Then they gave me
a sample, and after i applied it to myself , i was surprise .Of course not all my wrinkles ( i do not have too much ) disappeared , but area around my eyes are looking good, look like more flexible . Lancome is using laser technique and have created that serum strengthen with collaser. Especially I realized that my eye-make up was really nice and long lasting :))
After i am done with that sample , i decided to buy a new one. It is a little bit expensive but i have applied very small amount of it each time . This means i can use this serum for a year :))
So it is not too expensive.

Lets see some technical details .
Laser-speed results:
After the very first application, the skin is smoother: 85%; the complexion is more luminous: 63%.
After one week, the skin looks younger and "plumped up": 70%; the skin is firmer: 77%.
After four weeks, wrinkles are smoothed out: 70%; dark spots are lightened: 69%.

It means Lancome is a leader about skin firming
Image and result from : Lancome official web page.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Chanel !! - Les Exclusifs de Chanel

Les Exclusifs de Chanel
We live a history , really history .On February 12 , 2007 new Les Exclusifs de Chanel were finally liberated.After Houte Couture, new trend Houte Perfumerie and Chanel participated this trend with speacial perfumes which is called Les Exclusifs de Chanel.
They are number one now !
Rue Cambon 31 : rose, jasmine and sandalwood are base notes . I think it is the sophisticated one of Les Exclusifs .
No 18 : Typical Chanel !! It is definitely unique. Little spicy , little cucumber little sour. little little . But It will be Number One ..
Coromandel : If you like amber, you will absolutely will love it . Very amber and spicy .And I am sure it will be very very popular.
Bel Respiro : hımm summer. Generally I do not like summer smells, but this is different, sun, warm air, grass, hyacinth .We can use easily for summer, it is light .
28 La Pausa : What can I say about it ? It is not sweet, it is complicate. You should test it . It is too faint . Whatever test it and say your opinion :)