Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Chanel !! - Les Exclusifs de Chanel

Les Exclusifs de Chanel
We live a history , really history .On February 12 , 2007 new Les Exclusifs de Chanel were finally liberated.After Houte Couture, new trend Houte Perfumerie and Chanel participated this trend with speacial perfumes which is called Les Exclusifs de Chanel.
They are number one now !
Rue Cambon 31 : rose, jasmine and sandalwood are base notes . I think it is the sophisticated one of Les Exclusifs .
No 18 : Typical Chanel !! It is definitely unique. Little spicy , little cucumber little sour. little little . But It will be Number One ..
Coromandel : If you like amber, you will absolutely will love it . Very amber and spicy .And I am sure it will be very very popular.
Bel Respiro : hımm summer. Generally I do not like summer smells, but this is different, sun, warm air, grass, hyacinth .We can use easily for summer, it is light .
28 La Pausa : What can I say about it ? It is not sweet, it is complicate. You should test it . It is too faint . Whatever test it and say your opinion :)

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