Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Prada Handbag

Made in Italy by Prada

I know I know this web site is about cosmetics or perfumes.
But please look at this bag !
have created this wonderful handbag. I loved it at the sight and it is the bag of my dreams...
Prada is different and every time it will be different. Prada has always been distinctive, high quality products, forward-thinking approach and of course their style.
Their very strong character and unique style identify sophisticated, elegant and refined, Prada luxury products.

Do you want to hear the price ?? It is just 2.550.- USD !!! (for each)
Now I hope you understand why i said "it is the bag of my DREAMS " :))

"Evil wears Prada" sometimes the angels !

Image from : raffaello network web site

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