Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New-Lancome High Resolution

Lancome High Resolution YEUX Collaser- 48

When I read , Lancome has a new product for eyes,
i did not pay attention too much . Then they gave me
a sample, and after i applied it to myself , i was surprise .Of course not all my wrinkles ( i do not have too much ) disappeared , but area around my eyes are looking good, look like more flexible . Lancome is using laser technique and have created that serum strengthen with collaser. Especially I realized that my eye-make up was really nice and long lasting :))
After i am done with that sample , i decided to buy a new one. It is a little bit expensive but i have applied very small amount of it each time . This means i can use this serum for a year :))
So it is not too expensive.

Lets see some technical details .
Laser-speed results:
After the very first application, the skin is smoother: 85%; the complexion is more luminous: 63%.
After one week, the skin looks younger and "plumped up": 70%; the skin is firmer: 77%.
After four weeks, wrinkles are smoothed out: 70%; dark spots are lightened: 69%.

It means Lancome is a leader about skin firming
Image and result from : Lancome official web page.

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