Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christian Dior -Midnight Poison

Christian Dior -Midnight Poison

"Midnight Poison, the perfume for a modern Cinderella"

New Fragrance from Dior ...
Everybody look forward new fragrance of Dior . No doubt it will be the number one on 2008

Top note : Bergamot, Mandarin Orange
Middle note : Rose Absolute, Patchouli
Base note : Amber, Ambrox, Bourbon Vanilla

‘Not a well-behaved floral bouquet, but a strong statement’. A fruity opening built around citrus. A heart of dark rose, strengthened with patchouli, and an oriental trail of amber, French vanilla and ambrox.

Davidoff - Silver Shadow Altitude

Silver Shadow Altitude
Eau De Toilette 100ml/3.4oz

A fresh, woody & spicy fragrance
Suitable for men with intense personality
Reveals casual elegance of his leisure moments
Delivers contrasting spicy & aquatic notes
Perfect for all occasions

I have lots of email about content of my blog.Man reader tell me that want to read something about for them. Yes they are right I am going to be more careful about that, and I will try to say something more for men. You will see..
This post is showing my word :))

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Need Fitness ??

YES ! I need fitness as soon as possible. You all know I am working 9 hours , sitting in front of my computer and blogging in my spare times :) so I do not have any time to go to a sport center. That's why I have started to search for some fitness equipment
Finally I found Peakbody Fitness Equipment Ltd while searching. They are UK's Largest Used Gym Equipment Supplier and was started in 1992 as a used exercise equipment company by people with great vision. Peakbody has six categories for fitness equipment

Commercial Fitness
Home Fitness
Free Weight
Supplements - Nutrition
Aerobic - Studio Equipment
Spare Parts & Repair
Active Kidz
Especially I interested in Home Fitness and the price of them are really nice . For example price of Home Treadmills £320.00.- and they have also Money Back Guarantee.Peakbody Fitness guarantees full satisfaction on all products on this site. If you are not fully satisfied you may return the item purchased to their warehouse for a full refund or credit

Toddler Coddler

Our children, the most important human being in the world so we are very responsible for their safety. Past days I saw my friend passing by the car wtih her husband and what I saw was shocked me, she was sitting on the front seat with her 1 year old baby it really shocked me and I asked her directly what kind of attitude is this, was that safe travelling with her baby on the front seat then the answer came "we don't have baby seat on our car" Toddler Coddler is the best company I've found on the net selling car seat head support pillow for whom bought a car seat for their babies must have this pillow indeed. Toddler Coddler seat pillow also supports upper body of the babies and available in all sizes So the babies sleep comfortably on your travels. God sake our babies. Some of the advantages;

  • 100% Hypoallergenic filling
  • Hand-closed and inspected
  • Pre-washed with fragrance- and dye-free detergent
  • Installs in less than one minute
  • Recommended for children 12 months and up
  • Makes a great gift for new parents
  • Great for Mom or Dad to use for a relaxing snooze, too while the other takes the wheel on that road trip adventure

Saturday, November 10, 2007

For a better care

When I become an older women I wil rule my own destiny, gonna be tired, will have some disabilities but this is not the end of the world. If I'd like to have an assistance with a good quality, worth for my money, a good customer service I better start to search for care homes for future me. A care home which can adjust my disabilities, able to take care to myself at my home. I'll need someone who can help for my shopping, my hygiene, take me to my bed etc. Seriously wel'll need that after years, so who will be with us at that moment, our children maybe, what if you'll become all alone in this cruel world... anyway aware of that kind of companies which I loved the best Better Caring. Think about all that fellas.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Shiseido - ZEN (ed. 2007)

"ZEN" (ed.2007) will be launched by Shiseido this fall .

Energy, meditation ,freedom, light- spiritedness … and Zen

When I heard , Shiseido will launch "Zen" new version, I immediately called my best friend's mother. Because I know she loves Zen creation really much! I never seen her by applying any other perfume except Zen. She always says that That perfume was created just for her :)) However her sister ( as she is my best friend) is insisting her to apply other perfumes, like Armani, J'adore ..etc. Yes mothers never cab say NO to her daughter and she bought some but I know her heart always belongs to ZEN ! . I called her to give that great news . But when I read some information about it I was disappointment for her because This perfume is very different from others. Zen is reborn in 2007 in a lovely cube-shaped bottle inspired by a Japanese tea house Especially Chinese Rose notes are very muscular in that perfume.
Everything is changing and also Perfumes are changing too .I hope she is going to love it again. If you I ask my opinion, it is better that other scents of Shiseido . Marine Amber, Frankincense, White Musk are my favorite notes which you can smell them in the ZEN.

Top note :Grapefruit, Bergamot, Peach, Pineapple, Blue Rose
Middle note :Gardenia ,Violet, Lilly Chinese Rose, Lotus, Red Apple, Freesia, Spices
Base note :Patchouli,Cedar,Marine Amber, White Musk, Frankincense, Incense and marine plant.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sound of T-Rex

I have just came across a wonderful web site. Brice
you all know my husband is a web designer and I have already known that kind of business is really hard. I want to thank to Brice Carrington for that special web design.
Anyway, who is Brice Carrington ? He is creator of fabulous sounds and has 20 year of experience , through the creation of Ultimate FX, which is contributes to feature films,video games, software and Ring Tones . He has really talent about sounds (I wish I have some ) Especially "T-Rex Eating " is the greatest work of him. I think It is not just sound, this kind of sounds need carefully manipulating each ones, Brice is capable creatively and technically of creating an interpretation of the T-Rex, like we heard in Jurassic Park ( I like Jurassic park by the way and I will watch again by listening sound of T-Rex :))
He also is the creator of the TV series More Than Entertainment-Fox family 1999-2003
What can I say ? I invite you all to visit his web site to see a wonderful design and listen to the same samples .

Fun and new Friends and Earn Money !

Earth Frisk is a Social Media and social bookmark and social network website, nobody will say to bloggers "antisocial" anymore.Because we have a Earth Frisk
This brand the newest place I found is perfect . You can find "Fun" "New Friend" and "Earn Money" , Yes ! Members have the chance to win up to $2000 in cash, you can see lots of different chances to win ,
Also you can meet new friends online as well. I always like to meet new friends so if you are like me that I am sure that you will love social network, you can chat to people anywhere and have lots of friends, share videos, articles or discuss things that matter to you.
Remember - contest , Cash Prizes And Some Friendly Competition!
First Price is 2000 USD and 6 months of Virtual Office Services. We can use 3 office addresses as our own, a full staff of people ( 5-7) with real names that we can say are our employees, a toll free (800) number, a group fax line and professional answering and messaging.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Estee Lauder - Private Collection


Tonight is a Estee Lauder's night :)) But when I read the story of this fabulous perfume I immediately wanted to write something This is not only represent the latest addition to the Lauder's fragrances, but carries with It a personal note as well; This is Aerin Lauder's own interpretation of the cherished scent her grandmother Estee loved and wore for years. “When my grandmother launched the first Private Collection fragrance in 1973, her idea was to give the world a special fragrance she had created originally just for herself and a few friends,” explains Aerin Lauder.
Tuberose Gardenia, with its notes of lilac ,neroli and jasmine, evokes the passion Aerin and her grand mother shared for the delicate floral fragrance.
Elegant gemstones decorate the containers and are inspired by heirloom jewels Estee Lauder passed down to her grand daughter. The clean yet sumptuous fragrance is the perfect way to usher in the warmth of the holiday season.

Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight

Life is sweet !
Estee Lauder introduces
Pleasures Delight

The irresistible New Fragrance for women

Treat yourself to something irresistible.
My best friend is adoring to Pleasures, yes sometimes she applies different scents but she never gives up to apply Pleasures . She has every kind of this beauty scent- Eau De Perfum ,Bath and Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body cream ,Shimmering. Happy news for her ..
Estée Lauder has created the latest addition to its award-winning fragrance pleasures. Treat yourself to a floral confection, blending notes of juicy pomegranate, whipped strawberry meringue and tempting caramel with a sprinkling of sugared rose petals, dewy freesia, white peony and fresh greens

Top Notes : Strawberry ,Pomegranate, Green Notes, Dewy Freesia
Middle note: Heliotrope, Peony, Lily, Muguet
Base note : Rose, Caramel, Vanilla,Patchouli ,Marshmallow

Image from: Estee Lauder offical web site

Healty Products

I always talk about products of cosmetics or perfumes, sometimes products for make up. About about helty products ? what about hemorrhoid treatment ? There is one importand thing is generally ladies are embarassed about them.They don't go to doctor, talk to anybody or something like that.Because of that they are appliying very usefull products.They are buying everthing trying to get rid of them. Now I just come across web site. There are 3 products for hemorrhoids

Venapro :works fast to relieve the pain associated with hemorrhoids and cure hemorrhoids symptoms by shrinking and healing the inflamed tissue.

Ziro : anti-inflammatory formula works quickly to relieve the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids while simultaneously improving venous circulation.

Avatrol : proprietary formula increases blood flow which helps ease the swelling of your hemorrhoids until they no longer causing pain and discomfort.

They have a 30 day money back guarantee

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Calvin Klein - MAN

New Fragrance for m Calvin Klein MAN!

Designer will launch a new stand-alone masculine fragrance this fall called Man - masculine and Iconic and minimalistic and sophisticated and Sexy.

MAN totally says Klein’s cutting edge sophisticated ans sexy style

when you open the battle you can immediately smell Bergamot ,Rosemary, Mandarin
Middle notes are : Bay, Nutmeg, Incense, Spearmint
Base notes are sandalwood (I love sandalwood ), Amber ( I also love Amber) , Musk ( I absolutely love musk)
It meas ladies and gentleman, I really love th new scent of Klein !!

Also battle has a very modern design A minimalist thin, bottle with black glossy inlaid plaques.

Image from : Calvin Klein web site

For Your Eyes Only

Roberto Cavalli limited-edition sunglasses,

I know I know winter is on the way but please look at it , is it wonderful, I especially liked the frame of this sun glasses.Cool. It is $640 and you can find only Cavalli's store.

Everybody knows that Cavalli will be launching a collection for H & M on 8Th November but please ladies don't go thinking this has changed its lights.He's still the king of stars . Cavalli has come up with these limited-edition sunglasses, ultra-glam, featuring oversize, amber lenses and a gold mesh-trimmed frame that turns into the house's signature snake as it curves to your left cheek.
My last words are : Thank you Roberto Cavalli for this awesome jewellery !

Anniversary Gift to my Mum and Dad

I was just decided to write about the beauty of our home then I've found a web site gave me good ideas about that. The more important thing is my family's 40th anniversary is on the way, no more thinking about what to buy to my mom and dad . I have very nice pictures of them taken when they were young black and white photos, wedding photos.Photo Blanket will turn their picture into fantastic photo blankets and pillows, I am sure that it will be very unique present for them. Please don't say "Our love is enough for our families" sometimes Personalized Birthday Gifts would be good to show how we love them...