Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sound of T-Rex

I have just came across a wonderful web site. Brice
you all know my husband is a web designer and I have already known that kind of business is really hard. I want to thank to Brice Carrington for that special web design.
Anyway, who is Brice Carrington ? He is creator of fabulous sounds and has 20 year of experience , through the creation of Ultimate FX, which is contributes to feature films,video games, software and Ring Tones . He has really talent about sounds (I wish I have some ) Especially "T-Rex Eating " is the greatest work of him. I think It is not just sound, this kind of sounds need carefully manipulating each ones, Brice is capable creatively and technically of creating an interpretation of the T-Rex, like we heard in Jurassic Park ( I like Jurassic park by the way and I will watch again by listening sound of T-Rex :))
He also is the creator of the TV series More Than Entertainment-Fox family 1999-2003
What can I say ? I invite you all to visit his web site to see a wonderful design and listen to the same samples .

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