Thursday, July 26, 2007

FLEUR DU MALE By Jean Paul Gaultier

New Fragrance ByJean Paul Gaultier - Fleur Du Male .

I am thinking how I can start to write about that fragrance.
It is really different ladies as always Jean Paul does :)) Firstly when I smell it I thought .... is that for men or for women ? I checked the name again and it says "Du male". Fleur Du Male means "Flower of Male" in English .. Yes we can see it :) we can see really cool guy in flowers in the commercial !! And it really suprised me , I know in modern days men apply very different fragrance but I think it is the most different one :)
However when base notes come you can understand that It is totally masculine.....
It is not like Le Male ( old one) , it is less spicy, less powerful but It has Jean Paul Galtier special tounch "Orange Blossom"

Anyway I like that perfume and I decide to apply it just for myself and though it is %100 masculine I am sure that, lots of women will buy it just for themselves.

Image from : Jean Paul Gaurtier web site

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shiseido Skin Care

Let's fight with dark spots and freckles by using Shiseido White Lucent Serum!!
I am obsessive about spots in my face, so my whole searchs about spots :)) I have just a little brown spots due to sun , I apply 40 SPF sun cream to protection my face all day .But still I have just some brownies :) I found Shiseido White Lucent Concentrated Brightening Serum, !!
Especially These all White Lucent Products which Shiseido pretend us are wonderful.I am very serious about fighting spot and freckles. This serum is targeting spots and freckles .Today I start to test it and is absorbed quickly and completely.Also it gives radiance and coloration.
They recommended for all skin types with spots and freckles. Just one thing you should remember , "apply it before moisturizer "
This serum is little bit expensive actually , it is $105 for 30ml at the Strawberry but I don't want to live these spots ans freckles that why I will try Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Serum as well :(

Image from : Strawberry web site

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I love chocolate

Lets talk about 2007 Summer Trends ....

I know you want to eat chocolate and yo have to be careful about your form :)) But there is a very easy way to use CHOCOLATE without eating and it is
"Summer Trend make up" this summer You can use chocolate by applying brown and red make up products that we meet often this summer . Regarding to Marie Claire magazine , We will have an assertive face !

Anyway we may not eat the "brown queen" but we can apply it , especially if you don't have bronze tan in these summer days , by applying these products you can have very nice bronze tan.
Some of them :
The Body Shop Shimmer
L'oreal Colour Appeal
Givency Vernis Please
MAybelline NY Dream Mousse
Lancome Design Eye Shadow
Bobbi Brown Rouge

Monday, July 23, 2007


We know that summer time we should apply light make -up. However this summer every companies have really nice Pink colour , actually I don't like too much pink make up, I always mix them up with other colour, gray,yellow for eye make up and for me lips I apply little red or claret red . When I read a article on Marie Claire , I decide to investigate these products and now I like them.:)) Because they are not just Pink. They have shiny and different tones of Pink ! İ.e It means you can apply these products just by themselves .

These what Marie Claire suggests :
Number 1 : Clinique Full Potential Lips Cherry Bomb
Number 2 : YSL Lip Twins
Number 3 : Guerlian Kiss Kiss No:860- (I haven't test it yet)Number 4: Estee Lauder Pure Color candy Cube
Number 5: Maybelline NY Mouse Pink Frosting No:10
Number 6: Nivea Creamy Metal No:04 (I really like it)Number 7: Clarins Multi Blush Cream Compact
Number 8:Debora Rouge
Number 9: Estee Lauder Lip gloss Berry (It is little expensive but its worth)

I am sure that one of them can be for you.And in a summer days Please do not think that "don't make up" Especially you should make up while you have bronze tan. And If you don't have any bronze tan, you know you can make up as bronze tan as I always do that :) and also my next article about chocolate :))

Image from: Marie Claire

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gisele Bundchen Rules the Fashion World

A Brazillian top model whose daugther of a German family with a sweet tan of southern girls and green eyes like Rhine river. German people calling her "übermodel" -über means over in english-

Nowadays I'm reading lots of news about Gisele, generally about the money she earnt, signed a contract with Victoria secret (26 million US$) and owner of a huge amount of fortune (150 million US$-holy god) but what we are going to talk here is the perfumes that she likes , the tricks of her beauty and her style.

Gisele loves perfumes very much as all other models do. But Gisele loves Liberté that Cacharel presents to the perfume world much which contains the mixture of orange and patchoulie and she adds "It is fitting with my character".

Two different products of Georgio Armani Mascara Maestro and Fluide Embelliseur No.3 she has been very impressed. I'll make a search and visit cosmetic stores around me and bring some information about them so soon.

Gisele has represented lots of brands here is the list of some of them Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Celine, H&M, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Gianfranco Ferre, Chloe and Apple MAC. No doubt she is the best candidate for Cacharel and It seems her bank account is gonna get bigger.

Bundchen says ; "I am so happy and so grateful that I am in a situation, where I can be myself, speak out openly, can do what is important to me and have the freedom to live my life in a way that I can be content with it. I think Liberte is a very strong word and a cool project. Everybody should work on being free. That should be everybody's mission for 2007: Work on being free!"

So isn't she cool , we all beleive she is, and wishing good luck to her in her new business life.

Edit : Here is a video of Gisele from a photo shooting, video taken from wold of fashion.

Blog Advertising... Smells so good

I am really happy to be in this bloggers world, I just have great interests in about Cosmetics..I am always searching Cosmetics Companies, what is new , which company produces wonderful fragrances ..etc .One day I have decided to write something about cosmetics. After a while I recognize that somehow I can earn money with posting my opinions and researchs. Of course
there are lots of companies which provide money to bloggers but I Smorty !

I always believe that we are in some kind of energy, and when I enter Smorty I felt really nice energy insinde.I dont know why, maybe site colour or texts, but I did like it :)) Also I have just signed up today and same day I received an e-mail that my blog was approved, then logged in and accepted opportunities, As I told you before I really didn’t know about that kind of things but Smorty explained everything very clearly, I mean their service is wonderful.

This company really serious about blog advertising.Anyways enough chit chat , bloggers please visit Smorty Web Site and start to earn some money and advertisers, join their system and you will see how your web sites rankings increase.

I beleive they are going to grow very fast and will be the best blog advertising service around the world

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Femme From Hugo Boss

The new feminine fragrance from Hugo Boss..

Hugo Boss Web site is really cool, really luxury.Actually I could find all details about Boss Fragrance in it . And also they send a Free Sample of their products :)) I have never wear Boss Fragrance before , but yesterday I smelled it in a store.I have felt very smooth and bright when I smelled it . Femme is absolutley for romantic women and also modern women of today. It opens with freesia and tangerine, Bulgarian rose and jasmine follows them.Lemon wood and apricot are base notes of Femme By Boss. It presents in a sophisticatedly feminine bottle.. It means It can be a nice present !! It is only USD 50.- in Strawbery Store.
For more information please visit BossFragrance web site, I guarantee that you will love the Boss's web site and also Boss Femme..

Image from.Boss Fragrance

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sephora How To's: Get the Perfect Smoky Eye

Smokey eyes ! I always tried to do smokey eyes for myself and after that video I have succesed !! Now your turn...

Nivea "Sun Kissed" Firming Moisturizer

Another advertisement I have met on You Tube .
A very nice moisturizer on a beatiful woman (I am planning to be :))
New body cream "Sun Kissed" Firming Moisturizer from Nivea

Friday, July 13, 2007


Lancaster, Expert of Sun !! Enjoy From Sun .

We have to respect our skin, especially in the summer days we have to put more attention to our skin and also our face. As I told you before, we are not being younger attention day by day. You know lots of things about cells, DNA, UVA/UVB or something like that for older ages.It means we should know everything about PROTECTION.
I don't want to see very neglected face when I look in the mirror.
Anyways after my research, I have found that Lancaster has a New series for face.

*Face Protection SPF 15 - Mature Skin-Sun Care Anti-Age Multi Protection
*Face Protection SPF 30 -High Protection Anti-Ageing Cream
*Sun Care SPF 50 - Delicate Skin
They all against anti ageing , free radical protection and also giving moisture, calm , soothes , hydrating and very very (!) high protection from UV rays.

However if it is about my FACE, I never mention about money. If I don't purchase any product for protection so why am I working ? right ?Anyways , I always believe to ....

Lancaster as a Anti Ageing Expert 60 years of Innovation.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Juvenical DNA Skin Optimizer Cream

Juvedical DNA SKIN OPTIMIZER from Juvena.

As I am a big fan of Juvena Skin Care product when my moisturize is finished , I decided to purchase new products of Juvena .I don't need to try because I always believe what they say

"The Beauty Guarantee of JUVENA."

Actually reading what it is , I was so impressed.Skin Nova Technology & DNA Nano Technology. They said that DNA inside nucleus can restore itself and for cell renewal, a wonderful environment is created.And by this cream the cells optimized and also protected on all layers in a very special ways. SKIN NOVA TECHNOLOGY provides the skin with long lasting support of its renewal process
Well, I believe that you will be satisfy with that product .

Juvena says that :

"So the Beauty Code is cracked – your skin is noticeably younger."

Image form Juvena Web site.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Fragrance From TRUSSARDI

New fragrances from Italian design house Trussardi
for man and woman.
When do you think to have these fabulous fragrances or I should ask what must happen to make you buy ? I guess I should say something special , something wonderful! You can't go to a store and say "Wow! new fragrance, can I test it ?" No ! You can't test it . You have to buy it and worship it immediately :)) You shouldn't use them, just smell it . Before go to bed, smell it and then imagine what you will see in your dreams .
I really like Trussardi products, and I don't know why but they have some energy in them. When you touch or smell them you feel something different with yourself. Phew! It is too difficult to describe what my feelings are . I wanted to have them but when ? or how ? I told you before It must be something special. Maybe on my birthday, it was on October (!) my husband birthday , it is on August. Our anniversary...passed it .
Then ... my mom called me and said "Do not forget to come in that weekend" ( I have already forgotten) . said "Never!" . And then she said she would cook special meat for dinner but asked me if I make a cake for their 40Th anniversary !!! Wola ...I had my reason to buy these fragrances ....Immediately I have bought them .I couldn't open till come to home. 2 hours later I was still looking at these bottles. Bottled in ribbed glass jackets and metal with Trussardi Sign .They look like they are in a team but each has its own way , however they complete each other .Like Yin Yang.Anyway if I have to say something about content : Trussardi blend of teak wood and coffee in a courageous way,but each comment has its own different way.

Let's say What Discover What is Inside ...

Image from : Trussardi Web Page

Monday, July 9, 2007

Givenchy Rouge

When I saw this commercial, I have immediately told to my husband
" I want t be like her , so lets go to shopping tomorrow and buy this Givency Rouge "
He opened his eyes. Because I told him magical words "Lets buy " !!He looked at the commercial, then he looked at me .
He said "You can't look like her darling " ( darling- see the magic word)
"Why not !!!" ( Imagine how big my eyes when I said WHY NOT- am ready to fight like a cat )He said in a very cool mood
"Because you are a human, but she is a Goddess"
I didn't hear any words of it
"I am going to buy this "rouge" and I will be like Liv Tyler, OK ? .. I do not see any difference between me and Liv .... all I need was the Products ID for this "rouge"
He said "Of course you don't have any difference. Both of you have two eyes and one nose.. No you are right there is no difference . Just need a number of him"
"Of him ?, what are you talking about ?"
"plastic surgeon's phone number, I know just one plastic surgery can do that,

I still don't understand what he is talking about . I just want that Givenchy Rouge , that's all. But are there any doctor make same face in this world. Imagine, i want to look like Julia Roberts, and then 2 months later. I am Julia Roberts .. aha it is really nice.

"Who is he ? I want to look like her, with that rouge or without ."
"Honey, only God can make this , and sorry but in this life you missed it. He gave this chance to Liv, maybe your next life "
W h a t i s h e t a l k i n g ab o u t ??
"I don't know HONEY, I will go shopping tomorrow, The God, next life, any chance ... they are too complicated for me , Be ready for tomorrow "
End of discussion .......
Anyway , I cant wait till tomorrow it doesn't matter how expensive or not . I have never used Any Givenchy products before. But after Liv , I become more interested in Givenchy. You see, they choose very nice face for their commercial. Just one thing I don't agree with their commercial. And They said :Such a beauty must be banning....
no no no ladies, this beauty must be always and always with us .
Have a good night ..

Image from :Givenchy web site