Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Fragrance From TRUSSARDI

New fragrances from Italian design house Trussardi
for man and woman.
When do you think to have these fabulous fragrances or I should ask what must happen to make you buy ? I guess I should say something special , something wonderful! You can't go to a store and say "Wow! new fragrance, can I test it ?" No ! You can't test it . You have to buy it and worship it immediately :)) You shouldn't use them, just smell it . Before go to bed, smell it and then imagine what you will see in your dreams .
I really like Trussardi products, and I don't know why but they have some energy in them. When you touch or smell them you feel something different with yourself. Phew! It is too difficult to describe what my feelings are . I wanted to have them but when ? or how ? I told you before It must be something special. Maybe on my birthday, it was on October (!) my husband birthday , it is on August. Our anniversary...passed it .
Then ... my mom called me and said "Do not forget to come in that weekend" ( I have already forgotten) . said "Never!" . And then she said she would cook special meat for dinner but asked me if I make a cake for their 40Th anniversary !!! Wola ...I had my reason to buy these fragrances ....Immediately I have bought them .I couldn't open till come to home. 2 hours later I was still looking at these bottles. Bottled in ribbed glass jackets and metal with Trussardi Sign .They look like they are in a team but each has its own way , however they complete each other .Like Yin Yang.Anyway if I have to say something about content : Trussardi blend of teak wood and coffee in a courageous way,but each comment has its own different way.

Let's say What Discover What is Inside ...

Image from : Trussardi Web Page

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