Thursday, July 26, 2007

FLEUR DU MALE By Jean Paul Gaultier

New Fragrance ByJean Paul Gaultier - Fleur Du Male .

I am thinking how I can start to write about that fragrance.
It is really different ladies as always Jean Paul does :)) Firstly when I smell it I thought .... is that for men or for women ? I checked the name again and it says "Du male". Fleur Du Male means "Flower of Male" in English .. Yes we can see it :) we can see really cool guy in flowers in the commercial !! And it really suprised me , I know in modern days men apply very different fragrance but I think it is the most different one :)
However when base notes come you can understand that It is totally masculine.....
It is not like Le Male ( old one) , it is less spicy, less powerful but It has Jean Paul Galtier special tounch "Orange Blossom"

Anyway I like that perfume and I decide to apply it just for myself and though it is %100 masculine I am sure that, lots of women will buy it just for themselves.

Image from : Jean Paul Gaurtier web site

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Yeliz said...

Hi Angelina,
yes you are right, I just have sniffed it and I will purchase immediately - as a woman :)