Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ashop Commerce

When I have a new opportunity from Smorty, I have visited to sponsor's web site before accept the task. It is Ashop Commerce Shopping Card Software. There is a demo in web site. And I tried to investigate what Ashop is and doing. I couldn't believe my eye !!
How easy Shopping cart software, how successful design. I don't know anything about design or coding.
But I don’t need if I want to have an online store. You can create everything with your admin area even your design. I designed blue web page and there were “hearts ” icon that I use for MY shop, after my design finished in 10 min , I started to add my products . Of course I do not have any products but I put some perfumes bottles as images and I gave price for them. Half an hour my shop is ready !
Ashop Commerce especially is good for small business. I tell you , if you want to create an online store and you don't want to pay high price, It is just for you !!
I think, The most important thing that Ashop achieve , is SEO working. They optimize your web site very easy way. Everybody knows that to have a online store is not enough, you should optimize and increase your page rank , Ashop helps you very friendly way.Also they offer you 10 day free trial account,you will see by yourself if its suits you.
Please visit the ecommerce software web site

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