Monday, August 20, 2007


SHOPAHOLIC & BABY From Sophie Kinsella

The New York Times Bestseller !

I know this blog about cosmetics and perfumes but I just want to write something about my favorite writer. Last summer I found a book near the pool- Undomestic Godness- , somebody was read and left there. This was a traditinal of that hotel. So everybody could read many books . Anyway I took and start to read it in the morning probably 10:00 am. I didnt know anything about writer or her books but at that morning I admired and the same day I finished to read it.

Next day I bought famous books of Sophie Kinsella :The secret Dream world of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan What hilarious books this was !! They were the funniest book I have ever read :) I laughed out loud in some places and found myself shaking my head in other places. Then my husband gave me her new book - Can you keep me a secret ? - as a Christmas gift :) ( I love him) It was a romantic comedy :) and I really really liked it.
Anyway now I have her newest book - Shopaholic and baby. I have not started to read yet :( Because I have to read something serious :( And I said to myself "after finishing to read boring books, I will read Kinsella 's new book. Go on .. go on ..."

I recommend to everybody to read these books if you are looking some fun. Just one point I want to tell you ; while reading Sophie Kinsella 's books, be careful where you are ! because immediatelly you can laugh very noisy .

Have a nice reading .

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