Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Taking Care of Eyes.
I am working long hours on the PC - what can I do , this is my job- Yes and I use eye-glass but nowadays my eyes are sending some signal ."Pay Attention- Pay Attention!" They are burning whole day and especially in the morning they are still burning. They are red and itching too much. Anyway today I decided to search about EYE CARE. I have to do something about them. The eyes are the most important part of the body and we always neglect to care for them . And I found some AYURVEDA treatment and suggests. An they are :
- Do not wash the eyes with hot water
- Do not wash the eyes when the body is sweating
- Do not stare
- Sleeping sunrise is harmful for the eyes.
- If you have to stay late, drink a cup of water after each hour
- Avoid staying long in such conditions- dust , strong sunlight, strong wind, smoke.If you have to stay blink ofter and massage with your palms
- Every morning fill your mouth with water, close the eyes and sprinkle water on them about 10-15 times.
- Do eyes exercise- moving eye ball- right and left, upward and downwards and rotating it.
-Rub the palms of both hands for about 30 seconds, close the eyes and gently place the warm palms over the eyes.
-Eat carrot and cabbage - raw.
-Put one drop of honey in each eyes once a week

Image source : Devianart Web site



I work on the computer most of the day as well. I can feel the effects on my eyes at the end of the day.

Tammy Duplessie said...

I don't know about putting honey in my eyes, but 'm going to try the other tips. Thanks!

Cosmetics and Perfumes said...

I tried to put honey on my eyes. yes it was little itching but today- this morning- there was no pain or redness in my eyes :))

cdrum30 said...

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Cosmetics and Perfumes said...

thank you Chris, I entered your site and it is really good. But dont you a member of Smorty ?
if not, you should be :)

Vision Guide said...

Hi there!
If you spend a lot of time each day in front of a computer, you are likely to experience symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS). CVS is a term used to describe a collection of symptoms caused by prolonged computer use. Symptoms appear because the eyes and brain react differently to words on a computer screen than they do to printed text.

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Dr. Bedinghaus, OD

Cosmetics and Perfumes said...

Thank yo very much DR .
I will visit your site immedately.