Monday, July 23, 2007


We know that summer time we should apply light make -up. However this summer every companies have really nice Pink colour , actually I don't like too much pink make up, I always mix them up with other colour, gray,yellow for eye make up and for me lips I apply little red or claret red . When I read a article on Marie Claire , I decide to investigate these products and now I like them.:)) Because they are not just Pink. They have shiny and different tones of Pink ! İ.e It means you can apply these products just by themselves .

These what Marie Claire suggests :
Number 1 : Clinique Full Potential Lips Cherry Bomb
Number 2 : YSL Lip Twins
Number 3 : Guerlian Kiss Kiss No:860- (I haven't test it yet)Number 4: Estee Lauder Pure Color candy Cube
Number 5: Maybelline NY Mouse Pink Frosting No:10
Number 6: Nivea Creamy Metal No:04 (I really like it)Number 7: Clarins Multi Blush Cream Compact
Number 8:Debora Rouge
Number 9: Estee Lauder Lip gloss Berry (It is little expensive but its worth)

I am sure that one of them can be for you.And in a summer days Please do not think that "don't make up" Especially you should make up while you have bronze tan. And If you don't have any bronze tan, you know you can make up as bronze tan as I always do that :) and also my next article about chocolate :))

Image from: Marie Claire

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