Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blog Advertising... Smells so good

I am really happy to be in this bloggers world, I just have great interests in about Cosmetics..I am always searching Cosmetics Companies, what is new , which company produces wonderful fragrances ..etc .One day I have decided to write something about cosmetics. After a while I recognize that somehow I can earn money with posting my opinions and researchs. Of course
there are lots of companies which provide money to bloggers but I Smorty !

I always believe that we are in some kind of energy, and when I enter Smorty I felt really nice energy insinde.I dont know why, maybe site colour or texts, but I did like it :)) Also I have just signed up today and same day I received an e-mail that my blog was approved, then logged in and accepted opportunities, As I told you before I really didn’t know about that kind of things but Smorty explained everything very clearly, I mean their service is wonderful.

This company really serious about blog advertising.Anyways enough chit chat , bloggers please visit Smorty Web Site and start to earn some money and advertisers, join their system and you will see how your web sites rankings increase.

I beleive they are going to grow very fast and will be the best blog advertising service around the world

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zoolook said...

Sounds good, will visit smorty and see them in action.
Thanks for your post, it is very helpful.