Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fragrance from Kate Moss

New fragrance from scandal woman !KATE MOSS

This fragrance is glamorous, feminine, sophisticated, wild and unforgettable. A mix of elegant and risqué; it is alluring but it recalls a seductive temptress with a silent mystery. It is infused with smoky rose and black undertones, coupled with a vintage English feel.
Top notes of orange blossom absolute, pink pepper and forget-me-not
At the scent's heart are lily of the valley, magnolia , heliotrope, and peony, as well as rose petal notes.
Base notes include sandalwood,(I like it very much) patchouli, musk, amber seeds and vetiver.

From Kate Moss : Body Lotion ,Eau De Toilette Spray 50ml/100ml,Shower Gel

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