Friday, February 1, 2008

Orlane Paris

Orlane Paris
Why Does this skin cream cost $650

When the alchemist at Orlane Paris set out to oncoct the ultimate moisturize- the creme de la creme- they liberally mixed cutting-edge technology with ancient Chinese and Egyptian medicinal traditions: Natural royal jelly from bees, acacia senegal, and pure-gold extract-long prized as antiaging remedies-have been filtered through the lab, where they are rendered dermatologically viable.Dubbed Creme Royale, it can be used every day if you want to play the princess

COCO PUFFER : Coco-glycerides ,derived from coconut and fruit sugar,energize skin cells and increase production of collagen, which plumps skin and minimized wrinkles.
WHAT IS THE BUZZ: The Chinese believe royal-jelly supplements boots longevity.Queen bees who eat it live seven years while worker bees who don't indulge live but six weeks.Royal jelly is kept in sealed vials to retain its natural amino acids and B vitamins that brighten and hydrate skin.
SPECIAL ACACIA : Ancient Egyptians applies the gum of the rare African acacia senegal shrub to open wounds.Supremely calming ,it reduces inflammation and redness-ideal for rosacea and eczema.
MIDAS TOUCHED: Injected into skin tissue, ğure gold extract (value at $700 an ounce) attracts collagen and promotes healing .In a cream, it prevents sagging and imparts radiance.

infı from : Marie Claire magazine

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