Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fan for Rugby Fans

Time to sport ! ladies ... :)

You know I am a big fan of sports, really ,Many sports fascinate me which include Volleyball, Football, Basketball etc. But there are one game which is I really enjoy watching " Rugby" Actually there are not Rugby game in my country , but we as a TV and Internet generation , know everything , like Rugby ! I know there are many Rugby fans all over the world.also many tournaments that happen all over the world and the famous international rugby tournaments is the 6 nations rugby tournament.The 6 top European teams in game of Rugby (!) which are Scotland ,England, France, Ireland , Wales and Italy compete with each other competitor for the top honors.
Anyway I follow all news and videos about Rugby via Internet, especially website which is a official website for Rugby 6 Nation. I am sure that all Rugby fans will enjoy while using wallpapers, Venue Guides,Games,Newsletter, 6 nations podcasts on that web site J lets visit ! and enjoy !

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