Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Beautiful Software

I bought some skin care products from Strawbery.net. They have a very nice web site and an
online store. If you want to buy something you can easily find them on the internet and you can buy it . I always wonder what kind of software running at the background. And If I have a store how I can understand which one is suitable for me .Yes maybe we may not know some technical language but we can see which one has the best customer care in that area, right? Many company don't want to talk to a customer after purchasing, but there is a company which is selling shopping cart software have a really fast customer service. They have 24 hours live chat, if you send an e-mail to them about anything, they answer it so fast.And their software is affordable, easy to use. Even I can design my store by myself ..If you need an online store , I strongly suggest you to check Ashop Commerce web site, try 10 days free trial account.And please tell me your opinion

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