Monday, September 3, 2007

Narciso Rodriguez -

"It is for all women.It is a gift.It is something very personal of mine that I would love to give to women"
Narciso Rodriguez

Yes ... Narciso Rodriguez - born in New Jersey of Cuban American parents - told us about that perfume by himself.
Believe me I couldn't understand this perfume. Is it bad or good ? Is it for me or not ? Is it useful or not ? It is too complicated for me . After I tried lots of sample I have still doubts about it.
After these feeling I have decided it is UNIQUE perfume ! Yes it is absolutely unique. Because I think it changes according to your spirit ( mood) If you are good mood , it smells like a rose garden or if you are tired it smells amber ...etc
what else ?? seduction sensuality, sophistication, and also an intoxicating ,intimate, new harmony...
If you want to know more... go to Narciso Rodriguez web site

Image from : Narciso Rodriguez official web site

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