Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Annoucement ! Chinese Restaurants

Dear Lord,

Thank you for creating Internet, thank you for saving us not to find Chinese restaurant all around. Thank you to give me that chance to write about Chinese Restaurants . http://chinese-restaurants-directory.com/ Amin
Your happy child.Angie

Dear Mom,

I know you are a tech freak but also you like to eat Chinese, all day and night you are calling me to order Chinese for you . Now I am sending a web address and please use that address to find all Chinese restaurants in Holland : chinese-restaurants-directory.com/Rest-of-the-world/Netherlands/ . And please mom give this link to all your friends, I am really busy !!
Your busy daughter ,Angie

Dear Honey ,

I hope you travel was OK. You must be too tired and hungry. I am a very good wife so I will send you all Chines restaurant address in US : http://chinese-restaurants-directory.com/USA/ Please find one and order what you want.
Your lovely wife,Angie


aGGreSSiv said...

First part of your post is really funny. :)

Cosmetics and Perfumes said...

This is my job :))
thanks dropping by