Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lacoste "Touch Of Spring"-New Fragrance

Lacoste New Fragrance - Touch Of Spring

Hmmm delicious .. When i smell "Lacoste touch of spring " immediately i feel hungry :)) This is absolutely the freshest fragrance I have ever smelled. Maybe it is because of the green bottle , I don't know . But If you like fresh fragrance , i recommend this one. Lacoste company called it " Spirit Of Spring"
Normally I don't like Fresh fragrance, I want a fragrance smell different (!) Do you understand what I mean ? They should not be heavy like Treasure or something like , but i should hear their notes like "Contradiction" or "Angel"
But it is different ....
It has some energy, well-being and freedom It starts with quince flower to give impression of springtime. Heart notes are Amazon water lily and osmanthus.The base notes are sandalwood rounded by luminous musk....
Don't forget it is Limited Edition for 2007

Image Source : Locoste web page

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