Saturday, June 9, 2007

Kerastase Soleil !

Yepp.. I can say it is a "miracle touch" !! i have a curly hair, and generally i can never see any benefits using that kind of products, Sure maybe they are good but i cant see how they help :) when my coiffure (!) asks me to " apply these products " i said NO ! I always spend lots of money for them but now i will use just olive oil :)))Anyway he insisted and he did a very big promotion to me .
There were 4 pieces of Kerastase Soleil which for colored hair and especially they guard the hairs from sun lab lab .. But after 1 week , i found out something unusually in my hairs,

are they softer ?
do i comb mooore easily ??
oops! are they shinning ?
and finally my curly , nasty hairs are very peaceful ! they are listening what i say them :)Yes miracle touch ! I was really like those products. Thanks Kerastase

New Bain Apres Soleil :Repairing Hair Bath for the hairs that exposed from the sun It is an after-sun shampoo which is for repair , moisten and especially discards sand,chlorine and salt in our hairs. Hair will be soft and shiny .

Creme UV Defense Active :Multi-Protection cream for hair exposed from the sun.This cream increase the shampoo affect 2 times , has 2 UV filter for intensify sun protection.

Masque UV Defense Active :After-sun treatment for Coloured hair exposed to the sun.Oh my favorite products ! i liked it more .I know lots of women can find difficult to apply mask to their hair. But ladies please try this one. You won't believe your eyes !!

New Voile Protecteur :Protection for hair in the sun.I haven't bought it yet, but i will as soon as possible. You its time for holiday ! time to go to swimming pool ...

Image From : Kerastase usa web page

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