Friday, August 8, 2008

Beauty Mistakes

Beauty Mistakes We've All Made

I have read very nice article about the mistakes we've made, so please read it very carefully.

A few makeup mistakes I've seen friends, my mom, myself and a few people on the subway make:

1. We apply eyeshadow with our fingertips. Don't use your fingers and don't use the cheapie sponge-y thing that comes with your makeup. Instead, invest in an eyeshadow brush. It's worth the $10-$40 and could last your lifetime.

2. We over apply foundation. I've seen women apply tinted moisturizer as a base and then apply foundation over it. Tinted moisturizer acts as a (light and sheer) foundation. You don't need both.

3. We buy foundations and lipsticks at drugstores We all have a "bad shade" drawer -- a bag or drawer of makeup full of wrong shades we bought but couldn't return. Always try before you buy foundations and lipsticks at a department store such as Sephora. You'll save money in the end.

4. We leave the house with dripping wet hair. Yes, curls should air dry. Yes, that can take forever. So do it the night before, or wake up early. Or use a diffuser on your hair dryer or roll your wet hair into a bun. But please do not go out into public with a dripping wet head.


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