Friday, June 6, 2008

25 Beauty Products That Will Change Your Life

CHANEL NUDE BLUSH, $39.50. This blend of peach, rose, and nude hues gives a sun-kissed flush to all skin tones.
AVEDA BE CURLY CURL CONTROL, $17.50. This light balm fights frizz and coaxes unruly curls into soft waves.
AVON INSTANT PEDICURE, $8. Wearing sandals tonight? These polish stickers can be applied in under five minutes. No drying time necessary.
CLAIROL PERFECT 10 BY NICE 'N EASY HAIR COLOR, $13.99. Healthier, natural-looking color (with 100 percent gray coverage) is just 10 minutes away.
MAYBELLINE NEW YORK MINERAL POWER LIQUID CONCEALER, $7.99. Soothing and illuminating minerals merge with a liquid's lightness and ease.
BOURJOIS EAU DE GLOSS, $15. Shiny lips minus the stickiness factor -- just brilliant.
DOVE DAILY MOISTURE THERAPY, $3.78. This leave-in detangles wet hair and dampens dry strands for restyling.
NIVEA GOOD-BYE CELLULITE PATCHES, $11.99. Two patches per night yield smoother-looking thighs by morning.
REDKEN BODY FULL VOLUMIZING FOAM, $15.95. Amino acids lift and hold baby-fine strands.
JERGENS NATURAL GLOW EXPRESS BODY MOISTURIZER, $7.99 EACH. A high-speed version of the best-selling low-dose self-tanner warms skin tone in one application.
FRÉDÉRIC MALLE EDITIONS DE PARFUMS COFFRET A ESSAI, $450. A collection of 15 of the cult perfumer's best, including his latest, Bois d'Orage.
OLAY BODY WASH PLUS SPA EXFOLIATING RIBBONS, $5.99. There's an overachiever in every shower: This lotion/scrub/body wash gets top marks.
DR. BRANDT SPECIALISTS R3P EYE CREAM, $80. You'll swear some of your fine lines, bags, and dark circles have disappeared overnight.
NEUTROGENA SKIN AID ALL-IN-ONE SKIN RECOVERY, $8.99. Savior in a tube: This cream treats everything from cuts and burns to insect bites.
ST. IVES ELEMENTS PROTECTIVE CLEANSER, $6.99. A clean coverup: face wash that leaves behind SPF 10 protection.
CLINIQUE EVEN BETTER SKIN TONE CORRECTOR, $39.50. This spot-erasing serum is light enough to layer under your favorite night cream or sunscreen.
JURLIQUE BALANCING FOAMING CLEANSER, $40. Like a facial in a bottle -- lactic acid gently exfoliates while a blend of green tea, honey, and calendula soothes.
L'ORÉAL SKIN GENESIS DAILY MOISTURIZER WITH SPF 15, $24.99. Hydrating hyaluronic acid plumps, too.
COVERGIRL LASHBLAST MASCARA IN BLACK, $7.49. Get thick, dark lashes and dump clumps for good.
FRESH SUGAR AÇAÍ BODY CREAM, $65. An antioxidant-rich cream that smells so delicious, you'll be tempted to lap it up. (Resist!)
SALLY HANSEN INSTA-DRI DROPS, $5.95. Your mani-pedi should never mess with your schedule.
SHU UEMURA MINI EYELASH CURLER, $17. A slim version of the pro favorite targets even tiny corner lashes without crimping.
SMASHBOX PHOTO FINISH PRIMER, $36. "Even when I'm having one of those days, this guarantees me a peaches-and-cream, airbrushed-looking complexion." --Susan
MAC BRONZER, $20. "I feel naked without it." --Debra T.
TIGI BED HEAD AFTER PARTY, $16.99. "I'd have been a much happier woman with totally sexy hair if I had found this product sooner. I buy two at a time just in case it's ever discontinued." --Luci L.

Source: MarieClaire and image from Mac website


hklover86 said...

hi thanks for checking out my blog. i will have to check back for updates:)

Anonymous said...

i love BOURJOIS great products in a good price
i hate OLAY products makes my sin break out alot
MAC is one of my favorit

Cosmetics Addict said...

thank you all for dropping by, yes Maybelline NY minerel powder is great but I do like Olay eye make up remover :)

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