Saturday, March 17, 2007

Why did I decide to do that kind of web page ?

You know years go on go on . nothing will be same .We always grow up and still grow up.Maybe our memories and our knowledge even our brain will be grown and they will be more mature than yesterday but our skin :((Maybe you think that if you have wrinkle , they mean of you , your memories, your life.I am sure if you think like that you are not 35 years old yet :))Of course they are about our lives but why not we have to be care of our skin or our body!!We will live with our skin and our body long long years , As we brush our teeth everyday and every night and as we go to dentist for a regular check, why do not we care about our skins and give our attention to our bodies....too much chit chat, i will try to share my researchs especially the ones i shocked. Because in these years the cosmetics firms ( actually i do not want to say cosmetics for them , because they deserve more than that ) really solve our problems. They like clinic or research center .If you have oily skin , they can solve it, or if you have very dry body , in 3 weeks they can solve it.Ok, lets begin with what i have search and found...from now on i will share what i have explored...Have a nice reading !

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