Sunday, March 18, 2007


Why are we cleaning our face ?
It is the main purpose to remove grime, makeup, dirt ... from surface of the skin.
Like our hands or our tooth, they can be dirty for any reason and we have to clean them , So, we HAVE TO clean our skin '
Actually we should clean twice a day, usually in the morning and at night. Actually sometimes it is not enough to clean our face just water. With warm water and a mild cleanser
It is very important that you should select the right cleanser depends on your skin type. But please my dear reader avoid with hard cleanser , like soap or alcohol. You should choose products which is natural, which is tested ..
You can go to a professionals about cosmetic and you can find what your skin type is . And if you can not be sure, yo should go to another one or you can use " for all skin types " products.

Image Source : Little Themes web page

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